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Looking after your motorbike ensures you attain the maximum riding pleasure from a machine that is singing with all parts working in perfect harmony.

It also means you’re fulfilling your legal obligation to keep your bike roadworthy.

J&S accessories have two motorcycle service workshops: Doncaster and Oakmere. The Doncaster store is a main dealer for Kawasaki, Kymco and Mutt Motorcycles, Oakmere is a main dealer for Kawasaki.

However, both sites can service and repair all marques of bikes including:







Harley Davidson




Moto Guzzi

Mutt Motorcycles

MV Augusta








Manufacturer’s warranty work can be completed for Kawasaki and Mutt Motorcycles at Doncaster and Kawasaki at Oakmere.

All our technicians are manufacturer factory trained.

So, whether you need a full motorcycle service, a minor repair, alarm or immobiliser fitting, new tyres or a complete engine rebuild our skilled team will be able to sort it for you.

To give you an idea of how comprehensive our servicing is the table below shows what you can expect from both minor and major services.

Interim Service*

Full Service*

Air and Oil Filter change

Plugs replaced

Coolant tested, replaced, topped up

Control cables cleaned, adjusted and lubricated

Control levers and pivots cleaned and lubricated

Brake Fluid System inspected, topped up or replaced

Clutch fluid inspected, topped up or replaced

Diagnostic download and reset

Carbs / injectors balanced

Chain checked, adjusted and lubricated

Wheel bearings checked

Front forks inspected and checked

Rear suspension and swing arm checked

Brake pads checked

Brake callipers checked

Tyre inspection

Tyre pressures checked and adjusted

Fuel filter replaced

Main / side stands checked and lubricated

Battery checked

All lights checked

*Dependent on make and model.

Wheel Balancing

This is standard procedure whenever a new tyre is fitted.

However, our roads being what they are, hitting a pothole or a kerb can knock the weights loose.

If you feel any vibration when riding your bike, then bring it in for a check.

Chain Adjustment

Regular chain maintenance, adjustment and the correct tension can significantly prolong the life of your chain and sprockets.

The last thing you want on that perfect ride is for your chain to snap or fly off the rear sprocket.

So, avoid the pain, and potential damage, by getting us to check and adjust your chain.

Parts Departments

J&S Accessories have two dedicated motorcycle parts departments, Doncaster and Oakmere, stocking over 15,000 parts and service items for motorcycles, as well as a huge range of accessories.

So, whether you need bulbs, plugs, or a performance exhaust we will either have it or can get it for you.

Motorcycle Tyres

We supply and fit tyres at our Doncaster and Oakmere Stores.

We carry a range of tyres in stock, but it’s always worth a call before you set off

We do offer a while-you-wait service and there is the added benefit of browsing in the clothing and accessories stores whilst you are waiting.

Oakmere also has the Fourways Café for a cuppa!

Collection and Delivery

We have bike Ramps, trailers and vans for transporting motorcycles carefully.

If you need to get your bike to us for servicing, insurance or MOT repair work simply give us a call and we’ll see what we can do to get your bike to our workshop safely and securely.

Motorcycle Security

We stock and fit alarms, immobilisers and trackers. These systems are Thatcham approved and as well as giving you peace of mind could help lower your insurance premiums.

Also available to order are vehicle marking kits from the industry leaders in VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) marking - Datatool Datatag and Alpha Dot.

These products are simple to use and again could earn you a discount on your insurance.

Insurance Repairs

If you and your motorcycle have been unlucky enough to have been involved in an accident and your bike needs repair, it is your choice where to have any work done.

Our factory qualified motorcycle technicians will get your bike back on the road as quickly as possible following an accident.

Restrictor Kits

If you want to ride a bigger bike than your license currently allows, we can help by fitting a restrictor kit and provide you with the certification to prove you’re legal. Then when you’ve passed your test we can de-restrict it for you.

We can also de-restrict many of the smaller 'learner legal' bikes and mopeds to unlock some extra power should you not be able to afford a new bike when you pass your test – though this does stop them being 'learner legal'.


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