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10 Things About J&S Accessories

4th September 2019

J&S Accessries Ltd Hi Res logo

Hello and welcome to Alex's Blog.

On this blog I wanted to put the spotlight on us as a company and maybe highlight some things that you didn't neccessarily know about us! Lets have a look....

  1. Do you know what the J&S in J&S Accessories Ltd stands for? Its actually the name of our managing directors parents, John and Sheila.

J&S Accessories Ltd hi resolution logo

2. We have 30 stores nationwide. From what started out as one man at shows, to a warehouse in Northwich, we now have 30 stores nationwide and online shops on our own website and on Ebay and Amazon.

J&S Accessories Ltd Ebay store front

3) We have been running for over 30 years! No fly by night operation here!

4) We own the brands BKS, Frank Thomas and Red Route. In 2011 The Frank Thomas Group, who owned the above brands went in to liquidation. J&S bought the brands and these brands are all still going strong to this day!

Frank Thomas logo

5) We sell bikes at our Doncaster and Northwich stores. Its not just clothing and accessories! Both of our Doncaster and our Oakmere stores have large motorcycle show rooms and we are official Kawasaki dealers at both sites and Kymco, Suzuki and Yamaha at our Doncaster megastore.

Doncaster motorcycle show room
Doncaster motorcycle show room

6) We have a factory store based at our warehouse in Finedon. We sell both brand new stock here as well as older stock at reduced prices. Very much worth a visit, this is open 7 days a week.

J&S Accessories LTd Finedon factory store
J&S Accessories Finedon Factory Store

7) We have our own YouTube channel - filmed by J&S staff. We wanted to offer a range of product knowledge, tips for bikers and videos on bikes. Every video is filmed by J&S staff, no slick hired presenters! Just our staff lending their knowledge to our viewers! (You should subscribe!)

J&S Accessories YouTube

8) We offer finance. Not just on bikes but on clothing! This is online and in all of our 30 stores nationwide (open 7 days a week!)


9) Our HQ is based just around the corner from Oulton Park. Our head office is based in Cheshire and is attached to our Oakmere megastore - the largest motorcycle clothing and accessories store in the UK. We have a seperate motorcycle showroom here as well as an onsite cafe.

Ben Currie in his fRank Thomas suit provided by J&S Accessories LTd
Ben Currie in his Frank Thomas suit provided by J&S Accessories Ltd

10) We support riders in the BSB series! This year we have provided race suits for Glenn Irwin, Ben Currie, Joe Francis, Billy McConnell, Ross Twyman, Josh Owens, Joe Duggan, Zak Shelton, Taylor Moreton, Lewis Rollo, Louis Valleley as well as gloves this season for Gino Rea and more! You can read about how our supported riders are getting on here!

Until next time, stay safe,