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10 Things You Need

31st October 2018

Essential Kit

Hello and welcome to Alex's Blog. The season will soon be upon us where you'll be asked what you want for Christmas, or maybe you're reading this for gift inspiration for a biker in your life. You came to the right place. Here is a list of ten motorcycle related products that you wouldn't necessarily buy for yourself.

They are definitely not seen as essentials and are definitely not part of the basics that you need for motorcycling, but they are immensely handy and once you own them you realise you couldn't live without them! I spoke to the staff at our Oakmere store and asked them what item, now they have it, they couldn't live without.

Derek - Handlebar muffs.

Motorcycle Handlebar muffsNot the first thing you rush out to buy when you have a bike, but these are very handy to have. They not only keep your hands warm but protect them from wind and rain!

Once you get a pair of these you won't go back. They may not go with your sports bike, but you won't care about your image with hands as comfy as these!

Derek - Nikwax Visor Proof

Nikwax Visor ProofA vital bit of equipment.

Just spray it on your visor and it beads the water making your vision a lot clearer in wet weather.

An inexpensive way of seeing better in bad conditions.

Ade - Heated grips

Heated Motorcycle GripsA life changer.

Yes, they can be fiddly to fit (all garages will fit these for you if you cannot do this yourself) but WELL worth the investment.

Very simple to use and highly effective.

A fantastic present to yourself or someone else.

Ade - Tru-Tension Chain Monkey

Tru-Tension Chain Monkey

Makes tightening your chain an absolute doddle.

Perfect for novices and old-hands alike as it is so easy and quick to use!

Prolongs sprocket and chain life, optimises power delivery and improves performance!

Chris - Tyre warmers.

Motorcycle Tyre WarmersChris does a lot of track days and would not be without these tyre warmers.

These are controlled with a thermostat to get the perfect temperature for you - amazingly easy to use and a real essential for the track.

Chris - Paddock stand.

Motorcycle Paddock Stand

It's not usually your first thought when buying a bike that you may need a paddock stand, but they are so handy to have when you want to just do general maintenance on your bike - and a godsend for making sure you don't damage your bike (or yourself) when you are tinkering.

Gino - A quality correctly fitting helmet.

Motorcycle HelmetIt sounds almost too simple, but when you first buy a bike you normally have to lay out for a lot all at once, so you don't tend to get the best of kit. You also aren't really experienced in riding for long periods of time in a helmet, so you aren't sure what feels right as it all feels a bit alien to you at first.

It is definitely worth a trip to one of our 30 stores nationwide for a helmet fitting. Gino from our Northwich store says he never knew how much it mattered until he had a helmet that fit him perfectly and now he could never go back to any other brand aside from Arai. Of course, we sell other premium helmet brands such as Shoei, Schuberth, AGV etc. You need to find the helmet which suits your head shape best. Food for thought.

Gino - Pinlock

Motorcycle Helmet Pinlock Antifog VisorMost helmets are Pinlock ready as the popularity of Pinlock has grown immeasurably in the past few years - and for good reason. Very simple to fit and use, keep your visor fog free AND change the tint in a flash should you wish to have a tint, or not! The versatility is endless!

Phill - Kriega R25 Backpack

Kriega R25 Motorcyle BackpackPhill was going through a rucksack every 6 months on his bike due to his rucksacks not being able to withstand the speeds he did on his bike (within the legal speed limits, obviously!).

He decided to invest in a Kriega rucksack. 12 Years later it is still going strong. So, for what seemed like a big out lay at the time, he's actually quid's in 12 years down the line. Highly recommended.

Legohead Dan - Alpinestars SMX-6 V2 Gore-Tex Boots

Alpinestars SMX-6 V2 Gore-Tex Motorcycle BootsLegohead Dan (genuine nickname) won't go back to non-Gore-Tex boots again after these. The comfort he gets from these boots as well as them being fully waterproof and breathable means he can wear them in all weathers and temperatures but stay comfy. The feel you get through them is also second to none.

Until next time, stay safe,