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17 Accessories You Need

21st June 2017

Motorcycle Accessories

Hello and welcome to Alex's Blog! The glorious weather seems to just keep coming, good job I did a blog on summer clothing last week!

This week I wanted to talk about the bits and pieces you may forget about, but actually prove to be very useful - in some cases essential - just before you get a lot of use of your bike this summer so you can get prepared.

Frank Thomas FT337 Tank BagFirst off luggage. You don't have to do a full kit out in hard luggage, but it is useful to have some soft luggage (which is easier and more compact to store) to hand for last minute weekends away etc. One in mind is the Frank Thomas FT337 Tank Bag this is expandable to allow you to carry more items, has a clear map pocket and a rain cover, just incase.

Alpinestars Lite Back Pack in Black Gray and BlueAnother great item to have to hand is a good rucksack. We have lots of different choices for different needs. The Alpinestars Lite Back Pack Blk Gray Blue is now half price and is extremely lightweight but useful.

Forcefield Pro L2K Evo Back ProtectorAnother highly useful item is a back protector. This is obvious for many reasons, but you would be surprised at how many people don't have them. The best kind is the ones that strap to your body to keep your spine protected. The Forcefield Pro L2K Evo Back Protector is a best seller and is also Ride Recommended for being a fantastic product. This is comfortable to wear whilst also offering premium protection. An essential.

Oxford Riggers Black BracesBraces are another item that are extremely useful. Even in the summer a draft around your kidneys can lead to kidney infections, stop the gape with Oxford Products Of927 Braces Black. They are cheap, easy to use and compact to store.

Oxford Products Comfy 3 Pack CamoSimilarly around your neck you can sometimes get some draft, or in summer too hot. Oxford Products Comfy 3 Pack Camo keep you warm in winter, cool in summer and these also come in lots of different colours. These may not seem like an essential but once you start using them you won't stop.

Motrax Black Skull Knee SlidersKnee sliders are always useful to have if you're ever going on a track day - we would never advocate getting your knee down on the queens highways! Motrax Skull Knee Sliders Black are now half price.

Oxford Earplugs Packet of 30 PairsAlways useful to have in are ear plugs. It is also useful to get a lot at once so you don' keep having to buy them in. How about the Oxford Products Earplug 30 Pr Packet.

Another useful item to have in if you ever ride with a pillion, or are planning to is the Oxford Products Pillion Grab Handles. Universally recognised by our customers as bing really useful for making new or nervous passengers feel safe.
Oxford Products Pillion Grab Handles

Motorcycle security is obviously VERY important but can be overlooked after a while. It may be worth checking out how your locks are shaping up, especially as you will be taking them out more with this sunny weather.

Top picks are:

Oxford Products 1.5M Heavy Duty Chain Lock
Oxford Products OF159 1.5M Heavy Duty Chain Lock. This is SoldSecure and only £34.99!
Oxford Products Screamer Alarm Disc Lock
Oxford Products Screamer Alarm Disc Lock is also only £34.99 and gives you that added peace of mind with an alarm attached.
Oxford Products XD10 10mm Yellow Black Disc Lock
Oxford Products XD10 Disc Lock 10mm Yellow Black is a heavy duty and extremely compact disc lock for only £36.99.

Dr Bike DR950 Battery OptimiserThis item is used more in the off-season but should be used all year round to keep your battery healthy. The Dr Bike DR950 Battery Optimiser

Something also very useful for the Great British climate is a rain cover! The Oxford Products OF923 Rainex Cover Medium is extremely durable and compact and easy to store. Keeps your bike bone dry.
Oxford Products OF923 Medium Rainex Cover Oxford Products OF923 Medium Rainex Cover - Closed

Muc Off 5 x Brush SetIf you have a bike then obviously keeping it clean is a big part of the maintenance. Muc Off 5 x Brush Set has all the brushes you need. They are all great quality and are designed to keep your bike clean but also protect the paintwork etc.

Insanely handy for those hard to reach valves (garage air compressors never fit!) - the Oxford Valve Access tool is light and easy to store too.
Oxford Valve Access Tool

Oxford Solo Brake BleederThe Oxford Solo Brake Bleeder is also very useful for bleeding your brakes. A single-person, universal fit, brake bleeding kit - you'll wonder how you managed before you got one!

Oxford Paddock Mate
This product seems like its unneccessary - but beleve me, if you've ever had to park in a field then this is an essential. The Oxford Paddock Mate is small enough to carry around with you at all times but on the occasions you have to park in a tricky place you will b eternally grateful for this.

Oxford Big Black Paddock StandPaddock stands are also really useful for general maintenance. One in particular which is a best seller for us is the Oxford Big Black Paddock Stand. If you don't have a centre stand this saves you pushing the bike round when you oil the chain!

To go along with your paddock stand you should fit bobbins to your bike to make it a LOT easier to use. Just getting them fitted the once will make your life a lot easier with cleaning and maintenance throughout your bikes life.

Tru-Tension Motorcycle Chain MonkeyRelatively new to the motorcycle market is the Tru-Tension Motorcycle Chain Monkey but this has proved to be a massive seller. This makes tensing your chain very easy - just follow the simple instructions and enjoy your easy life!

Also something to ALWAYS remember to keep your bike ship shape and in great condition are Chain Cleaners and Lubricants. These are not available online because of shipping restrictions but we sell them in all of our stores which are open 7 days a week.

Until next time, stay safe!