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Ade's Evel Knievel Experience

9th May 2019

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Ade at our Oakmere store has an Evel Knievel themed motorcycle. Its pretty special and he often parks it outside of the store. This attracted the attention of RIDE Cymru Knievels 2019. He was approached in the store and asked if he would like to join a fundraising ride around Wales raising money for Macmillans Cancer Support - ending in a world record attempt of the most Evel Knievels in one place.

Evel Knievel Kawasaki
Ade's Evel Knievel motorcycle outside our Oakmere store.

Sadly Ade couldn't make the whole event but he COULD attend the world record attempt which was held in Wrexham on Bank Holiday Monday May 6th 2019. Here is what happened:

Before this, I had to get an Evel Knievel costume, as I don't make a habit of walking around daily as Evel Knievel. It was for a good cause and worth it so off to ebay I went.

Evel Ade
Evel Ade

Upon arriving in Wrexham town centre, very early, and noone else being there, I thought I had got the wrong place! I was on my own, on my Evel Knievel bike, dressed as Evel Knievel thinking that I had been pranked. Literally minutes later the sound of air horns and revving motorcycles filled the air and a procession of Evels made its way towards me. A truly spectacular sight! The streets soon filled up with spectators wondering what was going on. It was a great atmosphere with everyone laughing, smiling and joking with people taking pictures of the spectacle before them!

Evel Knievel world record attempt
Evel Knievels relaxing before our World Record attempt

We were then told we were riding in procession to where the world record attempt would be held. Upon arrival there were crowds of spectators taking pictures and cheering us on. Officials were there with clickers, counting us in, one by one, to a designated area. The official count was 68. A speech was made by the main organiser Evel Jason Lewis telling us all how much was raised since the event began for Macmillan Cancer Support - “We've already raised £8,500 and are aiming for £15,000 this year. In the eight years we have been doing this we have raised £55,000 in total, and thank everyone who has supported us.” As it happens the Evel Knievel even this year has smashed that total - its currently at nearly £29,000!

The Cymru Knievels
The Cymru Knievels

It was an absolutely fantastic event and I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to be more involved next year. I've washed my Evel Knievel suit ready! If you would like to donate then you can do that here. Now lets see if we can beat 68 next year! If you are about next year and would like to join the Evel Knievel world record attempt and also raise some money for a great cause then contact the Cymru Knievels - it is definitely worth it! If you're not up for dressing as Evel then you should definitely come along to watch and donate - its very family friendly with loads of kids loving the whole thing. Lets hope I'll see you all next year!


Until next time, stay safe,