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Advent Calendar 2015

9th December 2015


Hello and welcome to Alex's blog! Well!! The Motorcycle Live show is all over now. No more early mornings to Birmingham for another year for us! Now for the mad rush of Christmas to deal with!

Here at J&S HQ we are trying to make Christmas easier for you. We are giving you help to decide what to get this Christmas with a different present idea every day with the J&S online advent calendar present idea generator. (It's easy if you say it quickly) The advent calendar is on the front page of our website every day www.jsaccessories.co.uk/ which hopefully should help to give you some inspiration for your loved ones/yourself for the perfect Christmas gift. We also, handily, have a banner on the front page to direct you to the Gift Vouchers page so then you don't have to worry about present ideas at all its all sorted for you there and then!

Here's the link for the Gift Vouchers to buy J&S Accessories Ltd Gift Vouchers  or you can get them at any of our 26 stores nationwide – they are all open 7 days a week (Christmas times will be posted online soon) OR if you're feeling like you don't want to go out and you're feeling internetaphobic (I don't think this is a word) give us a call on 01606 810800 ext 1 to order them over the phone! We send them out on a next working day delivery so you should receive them the next day (providing you order them before 2PM)

On the subject of delivery the last date to order online for Christmas delivery is December 20th. We would obviously try to get deliveries out to you after that date also – but the key emphasis is on try. We cannot make sure your orders will be there before Christmas if they are ordered after that date so take note!

On the subject of returns – here at J&S Accessories Ltd online we are very flexible and amenable. We realise people are buying presents for Christmas and our online returns policy states 30 days to return for a refund – BUT worry not! We recognise that people buy presents early to budget for Christmas and also that people don't necessarily get their presents until after the end of December – so even though our returns policy says thirty days, don't worry – we will exchange or refund (as long as this is unworn) after 30 days no problem. Just contact us and we will sort this for you. You can also exchange in any of our 26 stores nationwide for anything you buy online from J&S! You can also save postage if you want a refund by dropping off your item at any of our 26 stores nationwide and the store will contact us to process the refund for you!

Also it's the J&S Annual Christmas party this Friday and after working the Motorcycle Live show etc the past two weekends the plan is lots and lots of pints and lots and lots of Jagerbombs! Next week's blog may not be too coherent. I am planning to still be hungover for it. There MAY be pictures. But I cannot guarantee anything and they may well be blurry – but I will try!

Until next time!