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Akito Street Motorcycle Helmet

Stew   |   12th May 2021

The Akito Street motorcycle helmet is a budget full-face motorcycle helmet that is exclusive to J&S Accessories Ltd. It's been a hit in our stores, but let's take a closer look:


Made from ultra-strong polycarbonate, the Akito Street helmet is ECER2205 approved - meaning this has been cleared for use on all European roads - the standard safety standard that all helmets have to adhere to. The closure system is a very simple to use micrometric retention strap, which is not only adjustable for a comfortable fit but highly secure.


The shell of the Akito Street is very aggressive in shape for a more streetfighter styling and better aerodynamics. The shell is surprisingly aerodynamic for such a budget helmet with handy vents and exhausts, which don't detract from the helmet's look - in fact, aesthetically, everything has been done to include the vents as part of the design. The vents follow the lines on the helmet to help the flow but also look great. There are four colour choices—a plain matt black, the safest option, and three graphics choices in different colours. Blue, Red and Grey. Each colourway is combined with black for an attractive design in all the staple colours you would expect for a motorcycle kit!


Despite its low cost, the Akito Street helmet is surprisingly comfortable. The interior is washable and removable, but the lining is mesh covered to keep you fresh. The ventilation system can be fully personalised to your own preferences, which is really rather handy. It also has a beneficial addition of a removable nose guard and chin curtain - not only do they prevent the visor from fogging up, but they prevent annoying wind noise for a more comfortable ride. The polycarbonate shell is lightweight, and the aggressive styling enhances aerodynamics to avoid your head bobbing about.


The Street helmet has many practical features. A mesh covering lining keeps you fresh while the interior is removable and washable. The removable nose guard and chin curtain prevent visor fog. An anti-scratch clear visor features a wide aperture for excellent peripheral vision. A complete ventilation system with resealable vents and rear exhausts give optimum air circulation and personalised comfort for any climate. The micrometric retention closure system is ultra-secure and adjustable for the perfect fit. The shell is polycarbonate with a streamlined aggressive shape for superior aerodynamics with less movement at high speeds. All for under £60!


The main negative is the lack of an internal sun visor. Yes, you can wear sunglasses, but it would be a nice addition. It also only has one shell size regardless of size. Normally, this would be a problem, but the shape redeems it. The aggressive styling really streamlines the helmet, so no matter what size you wear, you will be comfortable.


Under £60 (under £50 for the matt black colourway), you get a lot for your money. This has a surprising amount of features for the money, such as a comprehensive ventilation system, aerodynamic shell and the convenient addition of a removable nose guard and chin curtain to top it off.

Until next time, stay safe.