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Alpinestars AST Air

11th August 2020

Alpinestars AST Air Front Black

The Alpinestars AST Air textile motorcycle jacket is specifically designed to give optimum airflow for Summer riding. Let's see what else it has to offer.

Alpinestars AST Air Front Viz


This is ultra-lightweight yet highly protective thanks to the hard-wearing 600 Denier poly-fabric construction. The Alpinestars AST Air jacket also comes with Alpinestars' Bio Armour at the shoulders and elbows. This is both removable and adjustable as well as lightweight and CE-certified. Alpinestars Bio-Armour extends beyond normal armour length to give great coverage on the arms for added safety. The AST Air also comes with PE comfort padding at the chest and back. Alpinestars CE-certified Bio Armor back protector insert and Tech Chest Guards are available to buy separately. Visibility is essential for bikers and with that in mind all the logos on this jacket are reflective. The Alpinestars AST Air is also adjustable throughout to ensure a great fit and thus, the armour sits in the perfect position.

Alpinestars AST Air Side Black


There is no denying that Alpinestars are renowned for their style and quality and the Alpinestars AST Air jacket is testament to that. With the classic Alpinestars logo front and centre emblazoned on the chest, all other details are sleek and tastefully done. Rather cleverly, all the Alpinestars logos are reflective meaning the overall design is subtle and not cluttered. This is a short jacket with a sports touring cut and is available in two colourways, the black and the black and fluorescent yellow. Even though the yellow option is fluorescent, this has been handled subtly, as you'd expect from Alpinestars. There are hints of the eye-catching yellow on a mostly black design to keep you visible but also stylish. The AST Air is most definitely suitable for all ages and styles due to the mostly black design that can lend itself to most styles of bike.

Alpinestars AST Air Rear Viz


Another area where Alpinestars excel is comfort. The Alpinestars AST Air jacket is very wearable. That sounds strange, all jackets are wearable, but this jacket is designed to fit well and feel comfortable. The ergonomic design fits well to your body, like a second skin. Accordion detailing in key areas and adjustability throughout means this jacket has great movement. Also, the armour is extremely comfortable so the AST Air is easy to wear for extended periods of time. As this is designed for Summer riding the AST Air has extensive mesh panels strategically placed on the front, back and arms for optimum airflow. A washable full mesh liner keeps you fresh and aids the airflow. Velcro D-ring adjustment at the waist provides added rider comfort and customisation. Microfibre comfort edge at the collar and cuffs gives a luxe feel too. This is extremely lightweight but feels safe as the fit is so good and the fabric is ultra-durable despite the weight.

Alpinestars AST Air Inside Viz


Although designed for Summer riding and Summer riding only, the Alpinestars AST Air jacket has many practical features. The lightweight Alpinestars CE-certified Bio Armour is removable and adjustable. The AST Air also features external hand pockets and zipped pocket for a safe and secure closure as well as Velcro closing internal pockets and wallet pocket for handy storage. The AST Air has a volume adjustment system on the sleeves and waist for the perfect personalised fit. The elongated rear profile prevents wind ingress and billowing at high speeds. The Alpinestars AST Air also comes with an internal waist connection zip for attachment to selected Alpinestars leather and textile pants. Premium quality YKK auto locking zips are used throughout. All the logos are reflective to provide added night visibility.

Alpinestars AST Air Rear Black


One criticism of the AST Air is that this isn't a versatile jacket. It is only suitable for hot weather. It doesn't come with a waterproof over jacket or windproof inner so is limited. You can, of course, buy base layers and over jackets to solve this problem but on its own it is a Summer jacket and a Summer jacket only. Another negative is that this doesn't come with CE approved armour at the back and chest. It does come with PE padding on the back but this is not CE approved. One other slight problem for some people is that the cuffs do not have zips. Velcro at the cuffs gives adjustability but some people prefer a zip aswell.

Alpinestars AST Air Inside Black
Alpinestars AST Air Inside Black


Alpinestars AST Air Side Viz


If you're looking for a Summer jacket this this is the jacket for you. Absolute perfection for hot weather. The Alpinestars AST Air fits well, feels fantastic and is extremely lightweight but protective. Most importantly, the air circulation is out of this world.

Until next time, stay safe,