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Alpinestars Copper Jeans

30th January 2020
Alpinestars Copper Denim Motorcycle Jeans Blue Front

The Alpinestars Copper denim motorcycle jeans are designed to be worn on the motorbike but not look out of place in the high street. They look fashionable but what else do they have to offer? Lets have a look:


The Alpinestars Copper denim motorcycle jeans have interior aramid fibre reinforcement on the seat, hip and knee areas for abrasion and tear resistance in impact critical areas. They also feature internal knee compartments that allows for height adjustment of the CE certified knee protectors meaning these can fit all leg lengths and the armour is in the right place for all. The denim used is highly durable, exactly the high quality you'd expect from Alpinestars. Double stitching throughout gives you added peace of mind should the worst happen.

Alpinestars Copper Denim Motorcycle Jeans Blue Side


The styling of the Alpinestars Copper denim motorcycle jean is a real strong point. These really do just look like a normal pair of jeans so are an excellent urban commuting jean. The fashionable regular/straight leg makes these suitable for all ages. Alpinestars customised detailing on the metal YKK zip, buttons and rivets, as well as a contemporary print design on the inner waist, pockets and leather belt patch give that extra premium feel and this touch is definitely something for the Alpinestars fans out there.


As comfy as an old pair of jeans, the Copper denim motorcycle jeans do not disappoint in this area. These are very comfy to walk around in, the knee armour is easily-removable and the pre-shaped leg means supreme comfort on the bike aswell. Especially for longer rides. We've had no complaints about itchy linings or twisting with the armour going on, these are very comfortable and very popular as a result.

Alpinestars Copper Denim Motorcycle Jeans Blue Rear


As above, the armour is height adjustable. A fantastic feature which means these will fit most bikers. These also have belt loops so normal belts can be used with them - which is another plus point. The classic 5 pocket design gives plenty of storage - although as none of these are zipped pockets you may not want to put anything too precious in whilst out on the road. They are also machine washable - just remove the armour and follow the washing instructions.


The Alpinestars Copper denim motorcycle jeans do not have a zip to attach to jackets. This isn't the worst design fault in the world and a zip can be easily stitched to the jeans. Another negative is that the Copper jeans do not come with hip armour, although, again, this can be added and bought seperately. Some customers have complained about the knee armour being a little hard, again this isn't something that cannot be sorted by swapping for softer armour and is also a personal preference.

Alpinestars Copper Denim Motorcycle Jeans Black


All in all, the Alpinestars Copper motorcycle denim jeans are a great looking jean offering a lot of protection. Alpinestars are renowned for their quality and style and the Copper jeans are testament to that. These are highly versatile and look great on or off the bike. A good investment.

Until next time, stay safe,