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Bell SRT Modular Helmet

12th December 2019
bell srt predator flip up motorcycle helmet white black

Hello and welcome to Alex's Blog. This blog is focussed on the Bell SRT Modular motorcycle helmet. What is it like? Is this flip up motorcycle helmet any good? Lets find out:

Available in a range of colours, the Bell SRT Modular motorcycle helmet is also on offer here at J&S Accessories Ltd with great savings on every colour.

bell srt predator flip up motorcycle helmet green black


The Bell SRT modular motorcycle helmet is made from highly durable Fibreglass and is ECER2205 approved. The SRT has an anti-scratch Panovision visor with class one optics for a wider vision field giving unparalleled levels of vision on the bike. The SRT also comes with a Maxvision pinlock 120 insert too which gives more fog-free vision too - the standard is 70 in most helmets so this is nearly double the size! While this does not features dual homologation (which lets face it with the British weather you don't get much chance to ride with the helmet open) you can lock chin bar up for use when not on the bike. A handy feature if you tend to get on and off the bike a lot. This just means you don't have to worry about it coming down at any time. The SRT Modular is also available in a hi-viz colourway - remember what they say, be safe, be seen!

bell srt flip up motorcycle helmet matt black


Even though this is a flip up motorcycle helmet, which is primarily used for touring amongst motorcyclists, the SRT features an aggressive street styling. By the shape of this helmet it could easily pass as a full face helmet. In fact, Bell do an SRT full face helmet. The Bell SRT modular also comes in some great colours and designs. None of your run-of-the-mill colourways - some really different colours to make you stand out from the crowd! The choice of colours are plain matt black, White or the more eye-catching Predator design in three colours: Black and White and Black and Hi-Viz Green and Black and Black and Copper. These colour ways are quite unusual and have proven to be very popular in our stores and online. The SRT also comes in a a Carey Hart design the Hart Luck.

bell srt predator flip up motorcycle helmet white black


If you've never tried a flip-up motorcycle helmet before I would thoroughly recommend it. You may not think its for you, but its very handy and a lot more comfortable than you'd think! The Bell SRT Modular helmet is ultra-lightweight and has 2 shell sizes making this more aerodynamic for added comfort. This also comes with a chin skirt to reduce wind noise/feel and the interior is removable and washable. For the glasses wearers amongst you, this comes with glasses grooves so you don't get any unwanted aches or pains at the sides of your head when wearing your glasses. This also has handy recessed EPS pockets for Bluetooth speaker compatibility. No bulkiness or wires hanging out - all neat and tidy and more importantly comfy!

bell srt predator flip up motorcycle helmet copper black


There are a lot of practical features that the Bell SRT Modular helmet offers. Firstly having dual certification. This gives you added versatility. The look and feel of a sportier full-face helmet, with the plus point of this turning in to an open face touring helmet. Fantastic. Large recessed EPS pockets (larger than any other brand) for Bluetooth speakers mean its very easy to fit (and remove) your intercom system. These aren't so large so you will feel it, but this will make it very easy to fit ANY brand of speaker/intercom to your helmet. The glasses grooves are also a very handy addition. The Panovision visor gives a wider aperture for better vision and the SRT comes with a clear Pinlock visor. An integral sun visor (which is extra-deep) provides shade from the sun and the interior is removable and washable to keep it fresh! This comes in sizes XS up to 2XL (you'd be surprised at how many modular motorcycle helmets end at size XL!) and the flip mechanism is VERY easy to use and smooth. No clumsy clunky buttons here, just a nice smooth transition. This clicks in to place with a satisfying noise and stays there lawfully and safely! Bell also offer a five-year warranty that you must register for. Fantastic!

bell srt hart luck flip up motorcycle helmet charcoal red


We've racked our brains here at J&S HQ. There is usually something very obvious we could use as a negative such as a heavy shell, or no internal sun visor, or even the price! However, the Bell SRT Modular motorcycle helmet is on offer so its very cheap, its lightweight and it has an internal sun visor. What I would say is make sure you try it on - your helmet needs to be comfortable and to fit you well. If it fits well then there really is no negative to this helmet!

Until next time, stay safe,