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Brand New J&S Website

16th March 2016


Hello and welcome to Alex's Blog! This week I am talking about the rather exciting topic of our new website. If you don't think that's exciting then you obviously haven't seen it yet! Check it out HERE!

We did a lot of research in to how we wanted the new website to be. It has a lot of extra features that our old website didn't have, which I will go in to in more detail in a second, but I think you will find that aswell as being a lot better looking than our old site, it's a lot quicker, slicker and works a lot better. A lot of hard work went in to the website here at J&S HQ and we are very pleased with the final result.

On to the features!

I don't know if you ever used our clunky old website before? It worked. You could buy items on there, look up a store number or address but that was basically it. It functioned. Just about. Our NEW website does these things too but MUCH more as well!


Fully Secure Website

On our new website the WHOLE website is secure. In the top left hand side of the screen in the search bar you will see a padlock symbol – this indicates that the webpage is secure. Every webpage on our website is secure as the whole site is. This is exhibited on the https://www.jsaccessories.co.uk rather than https://www.jsaccessories.co.uk. The “s” stands for secure. You can place your order with us here at J&S Accessories Ltd online safe in the knowledge that your transaction is safe and secure.

Free postage on orders over £20

Gone are the days of paying for postage on every order online at J&S! We now offer free postage on ALL orders over £20 (to UK mainland). We send out on a very quick, trackable service and you will receive an e-mail when the item is dispatched with the tracking number for your item. As it is free postage over £20 (rather than the £3 it used to be on our website) if you're up to £17 you can just add in some ears plugs or something so that your total exceeds £20 but is less than £23. Then you get something for nothing!

Detailed store pages

You may or may not have been aware that J&S Accessories Ltd has 26 stores nationwide from Aberdeen down to Plymouth! We now have a dedicated website page for each store with a video of the shop, photos, information, such as good local ride outs, nearest petrol stations etc. and contact information. You can even see what the staff look like!

Better search facilities

On our old website if you typed in a search term, for example “AGV Helmet” it would bring up all the AGVs, but then, as the search was all encompassing, it would bring up every helmet aswell! Not very easy to use and rather frustrating! On our new website the searching is a lot more intelligent so will only bring up the limited words combined rather than all together. This took a lot of work at J&S HQ but I think you'll agree it makes for much easier searching! We also have filters you can search with such as size, brands etc. to make your shopping experience a lot easier and in turn, a lot better.

Facility to check stock instore

Another new facility on our website is the ability to check stock on an item in any of our stores. This stock is live and updated often so should be correct. If you do live near to one of our stores and want to see if something is in stock this is a new, 7 days a week, service that our website now provides. We do advise that you call the store to confirm, especially if only one item is showing. But the stock should be correct.

New and improved images

Images on our old website were a mish mash of pictures provided by suppliers (which with helmets inevitably showed a helmet in a dark visor which they never come with) all taken at different angles and facing different ways. We decided we wanted to make our online store look uniform, neat and also we wanted to show high definition images with as much detail as possible so our customers could get the best view of an item possible. This was not easy! We now know why manufacturers take pictures of helmets with dark visors on! But we think you will agree that the end result of what we have is a lot better looking and that each image is clear and representative of the product you will get when you buy. A lot of effort has gone in to making sure our pictures are of an outstanding quality and this will continue with any new products coming in to us also.

There are other improved things about our new website that I could speak about endlessly, but in all honesty I will not do it justice, go and have a look for yourself and enjoy!

Until next week!