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Capital FM's Roman Kemp at J&S!

15th October 2019

Roman Kemp at J&S MAnchester
Roman Kemp at J&S Accessories Ltd Manchester

Here at J&S Accessories Ltd, we rub shoulders with celebrities ALL the time. Remember that time Kanye West came to our Eltham store? When Jet from Gladiators came to our Northwich branch? Well this time Roman Kemp from the Capital FM Breakfast Show came to J&S Accessories Manchester!

Kanye West at J&S Accessories Ltd Eltham
Kanye West rubbing shoulders with Lenny from our Eltham store!

As part of his Capital radio breakfast show, Roman Kemp took part in Capital's No Money Road Trip. Which, essentially, was him having to travel 1000 miles around the UK with no phone and no money - all in the name of charity! (You can read his Roadtrip diary and you can search #NoMoneyRoadTrip on social media too for more images!)

Roman Kemp#s No mOney road trip

It wasn't just a case of Roman just having to travel 1000 miles with no money in just five days, but he also had to complete challenges set for him and do dares etc. all the while not knowing what was coming next!

Roman KEmp outside J&S Accessories Ltd MAnchester
Outside J&S Accessories Ltd Manchester

So where did J&S Accessories Ltd come in to it?? J&S Accessories Leeds customer Tony of GWOCGB - the Goldwing Owners Club of Great Britain volunteered to take Roman from Leeds over to Manchester on day two of Roman's challenge - and brought along a cavalcade of his fellow GWOCGB with him. What a sight to greet us at J&S Accessories Manchester! And what a destination for Tony and his pals! (Thank you to Tony and all of the GWOCGB - you are legends!!)

GWOCGB at J&S Accessories Ltd Manchester
A cavalcade of Honda Goldwings at J&S Accessories Ltd Manchester

Roman got a chance to go in a sidecar for the first time in his life (his producer rode on the back of the bike) and promptly fell asleep! He even wore a Frank Thomas VIZ001 Dri-Viz 4 in 1 textile motorcycle jacket along with BhKS MX Goggles and a Frank Thomas DV37 Open Face motorcycle helmet to keep him safe - he was obviously comfortable enough to have a snooze! Although this was maybe indicative of Tony's smooth riding skills. He even had the radio on full blast!

Roman Kemp and the Honda Goldwing Owners Club of Great Britain at J&S Accessories Ltd MAnchester
Roman Kemp and the Honda Goldwing Owners Club of Great Britain

Once the cavalcade of Honda Goldwings had arrived at J&S Accessories Ltd Manchester, Roman had lots of photos to take with his fellow Goldwingers, as well as some extra people who turned up. Considering Roman was absolutely exhausted, he was in great spirits and extremely friendly - more friendly than most would be after travelling from pip to post with no money, no phone, no sleep and no clue what was coming next!

Gold wings J&S Accessories

Roman left us rather rapidly to get on with his task in the car of a listener taking him to Liverpool. Nowhere near as exciting as his leg from Leeds! If you would like to support the charity that his No Money Road Trip supported - Global's Make Some Noise 2019 - then you can donate here.

Click on the images below to make them bigger - and see how Roman Kemp got on at his visit to J&S Accessories Ltd Manchester - the top attraction in Manchester for every celebrity visitor of course!

Until next time, stay safe,