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Celebrities at J&S

7th October 2020

Kanye West at J&S
Kanye West at J&S

Celebrities are not the first thing you'd think of with a motorcycle clothing and accessories store - but you'd be wrong! We're up there with all the movers and shakers - they are all here at J&S - even Kanye West (pictured above at our Eltham branch) Let's take a look at all the celebrities lives that have been touched by J&S Accessories Ltd:

The J&S Celebrities Hotlist:

It's just a who's who in the world of celebrities visiting J&S stores and wearing our kit. Let's take a look at the J&S Celebrities Hotlist:

Josh Taylor

Josh Taylor at J&S
Josh Taylor at J&S

Professional boxer and UNIFIED WORLD CHAMPION Josh Taylor just casually popped into our Hamilton store (as you do). He brought his belt along for the ride (pictured) and got his very capable hands on some kit. Find out what kit he got here.

Grace Webb

Grace's Amazing Machines
Grace Webb

The excellent Grace Webb, the star of CBeebies' "Grace's Amazing Machines" paid a visit to our Oakmere superstore and had a good try-on session. Find out more here.

Eurovision (Will Ferrell)

Eurovision Will Ferrell Frank Thomas
Will Ferrell

Hollywood superstars are also customers of J&S Accessories Ltd. We don't just limit ourselves to British celebrities! Will Ferrell recently wore one of our Frank Thomas suits in the film Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. The suit was specially made for him - and could be made for you too! Check out the details.

Roman Kemp

Roman Kemp

Pop royalty Roman Kemp from Capital FM, I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here, and basically, every show on primetime TV also frequented a J&S Accessories store! He came to our Manchester store on a cavalcade of Honda Goldwings!! For more photos and details of this frankly rather bizarre event are in this blog.

Steffan Rhodri

Dave Gavin and Stacey

Oh! How's it going? Alright? You may recognise Steffan Rhodri as playing Dave from Gavin and Stacey, or from Harry Potter. Now you can add him to the list of celebrities who shop at J&S Accessories Ltd. Steffan was good enough to agree to a photo at our Stockwell store. Tidy.

Steve Parrish


Pre-COVID-19, as part of Steve Parrish's M.A.D tour, he inexplicably came to Northwich (not your usual destination for celebrities to tour!) We couldn't waste this opportunity for an interview and he very graciously obliged. See the interview above and more info on the blog here.

Jimi Mistry

Film star and soapstar Jimi Mistry paid a visit to J&S Accessories Leeds where he very kindly posed for a photo with manager Martin. To be honest they both look really pleased to have met each other!

Breaking the News

Breaking the News
Breaking the News

It isn't just our English stores who get a brush with fame! J&S Hamilton staff became celebrities themselves thanks to a filming session with Scottish news show "Breaking the News". To see our staff on TV, click here.

Jimmi Harkishin

Dev from Corrie at J&S Manchester

The name Jimmi Harkishin may not mean much to you but "Dev from Corrie" definitely will! Here is our loyal customer Jimmi with J&S Accessories Manchester manager Steve! (and yes. Dev is 7ft 4 as Steve is a lofty 6ft 4 himself. Ahem.)

Megan Shandley

Megan Shandley
Megan Shandley in Get Even

Speaking of Steve from our Manchester store, his rather talented daughter Megan is an up and coming footballer (and referee!) signed to Stoke City. Because of her football prowess and extreme talent (inherited from her mum let us assure you!) Megan recently starred in the BBC drama "Ger Even". It's available on iPlayer now.

Diego Costa

From one football legend to another! Diego Costa, former Chelsea and current Atletico Madrid striker made a visit to our Cheltenham and Gloucester branch. He even took his hat off for the photo! What a gent!

Eastenders & Casualty

Yes, that's Jacko from Brush Strokes wearing a Frank Thomas helmet in his role as Buster Briggs in Eastenders. Eagle-eyed customers may also notice a lot of our products being used in Casualty! (photos welcome if so!)

Idris Elba

You too could look like Idris Elba (pictured above) by wearing a Frank Thomas leather suit! Idris wore one of our suits for a programme he was filming, and I think we can all agree he pulled the look off well, because of the Frank Thomas suit. Obviously.

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy J&S Celebrities
Tom Hardy at J&S

Another film star (that's just how we roll at J&S) to frequent J&S Accessories stores is Tom Hardy. The twice Bafta Award winner and Oscar nominee is a biker and goes to show that even the most famous of celebrities enjoy a good J&S shop!

Martin Lewis

Martin Lewis at J&S Celebrities
Martin Lewis at J&S

By a strange coincidence, Martin Lewis grew up around the corner from our Oakmere superstore, and his first job was there, in the building, before it was a J&S Accessories store. He filmed a portion of his ITV show at our store. Read this blog to see how our staff tried to muscle in to shot every five seconds!

Beyond Bionic

Andy Torbet from the CBeebies show "Beyond Bionic" raced a Peregrine Falcon on a motorcycle (like you do) and wore Frank Thomas kit to do it! Find out who won here:

Lucy Spraggan

Lucy Spraggan at J&S Manchester Celebrities
Lucy Spraggan at J&S Manchester

It seems Steve from our Manchester store attracts celebrities constantly! He's just attracting them like bees to honey! This is Steve with Lucy Spraggan, the singer and songwriter who kickstarted her career on the X-Factor.


HollyOaks Qualifier GP Celebrities

J&S Accessories are also big hitters in the fictional village of Hollyoaks. Our products were featured in an episode with lots of shots of our kit as you can see in this blog.

Britain's Got Talent

Picture the scene, its a Saturday night, you're sat at home eating a takeaway with your other half, and your phone starts going mad with text messages/WhatsApp messages. That exact scenario happened to me from friends/family who were watching Britains Got Talent and had noticed David Walliams wearing a J&S Vest body armour on primetime Saturday night.

Kanye West

Kanye West at J&S
Kanye West at J&S

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. No that has not been photoshopped. That is Lenny from our Eltham store, who is basically a celebrity himself, with Kanye West. Kanye was collaborating with a British designer called Katie Eary (who went on to design for Yeezy) and at the time was working with leather. They came to our store to purchase some leather products and kindly posed for photos.


JLS in J&S Leathers

Here are JLS wearing the leather trousers by Katie Eary with originals from J&S Accessories that Katie then modified for their stage outfits. I'm not sure the gold sequins at the legs would catch on for motorcyclists but then if Rossi started wearing them who knows!?

R1 Liz

R1Liz's J&S Cartoon

Social influencers are the new breed of celebrities. Cartoonist and social media influencer R1 Liz used to work at our Portsmouth branch! To see her fantastic cartoons (like the one she kindly commissioned for us) and her content you can follow her on Instagram.

If you spot any celebrities wearing Frank Thomas, BKS, Red Route or see J&S Accessories Ltd anywhere noteworthy, let us know, and we can add to this blog!

Until next time, stay safe,