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Choosing The Right Helmet

20th May 2019

Finding the best motorcycle helmet is different for every individual. Although there are standards and requirements for a motorcycle helmet, a lot of it will be down to personal choice.

Depending on the use, location and season that you ride, different helmets can make a significant difference. The most important factor to consider when choosing a motorcycle helmet is to find the best fit.

The primary purpose of your helmet is safety and this should direct your purchase.

This guide will offer an outline about how to pick the best motorcycle helmet for you. J&S Accessories have a selection of the best motorcycle helmets in the UK for you to browse and buy. You can visit us in store or look online and check availability near you.

The Law and Motorcycle Helmets

The UK government states that any helmet you wear must meet E.C safety standards. Visit the government website for more details. All of the motorcycle helmets at J&S Accessories follow the government safety standards.  

The Fit of Your Motorcycle Helmet

The fit of your helmet is the most important element to consider when buying one. The wrong fit can impair vision, sound and give you an uncomfortable experience.

As we are all unique individuals, each helmet fits a head slightly differently. Some people may also have certain additional factors to consider when buying a motorcycle helmet, such as if you wear glasses. Even the shapes of our head are different, do you have an oval head or is it rounder? You might find that different manufacturers fit your head better than others. It may be trial and error before finding the best motorcycle helmet for your head.

At J&S we measure helmet size by the circumference of your head. Use a measuring tape just above the eyebrows to find your size. Sizes run between an XS and 2XL. Find out more about our sizing here. Be aware that certain motorcycle manufacturers and brands have specific sizing.

A well-fitted helmet will only move slightly and will fit on your head comfortably. The cheek pads should lightly push your cheeks and no area should feel tighter than another part of your head. Test the stability by lightly shaking your head and feeling if the helmet moves around too much.

Open, Closed or Flip Face Motorcycle Helmets

One of the first decisions to make is to choose an open, closed or flip face motorcycle helmet. Here are some facts to consider which one is the best for you.

Full Face Helmets

  • Full Face Helmets Offer a greater level of protection and full face coverage
  • Protection from wind, sun and noise
  • Can get hot inside
  • Often a higher price

HJC RPHA 70 Gaon MC21

Open Face Helmets

  • Open Face Helmets have greater visibility
  • Fresh air and cooler
  • No chin protection
  • Can be worn with goggles for wind protection
  • Cheaper than a full face

Givi X08 Modular Helmet in White

Flip Face Helmets

  • Flip front helmets offer full face protection when necessary
  • Cooler than full face helmets
  • May need to reduce speed when the chin is flipped up

The choice will be down to personal preference. Remember that comfort and safety are the number one priorities when it comes to choosing the best motorcycle helmet.

Does Colour Make a Difference?

Helmets come in a variety of colours and choosing a colour is often about preference. However, there is also research into whether the colour can affect the temperature of the helmet.

An experiment found that black helmets do get hotter than white helmets. If you are riding a motorcycle in a hot country or the summer months, choosing a white helmet may be more beneficial.

HJC i70 Metallic Pearl White

Price Point of Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle helmets start from approximately £40 and increase until £1,000. With such a diverse range of price points, the best one will depend on what you want from it. Often, the more expensive helmets will have more expensive internal materials and can offer benefits such as more ventilation.

Although the price is important, finding one that fits correctly and meets your other requirements should be the top priority. Your safety comes first so it's worth spending a good amount of money to find the right helmet.

Choosing a Motorcycle Helmet Manufacturer

When browsing the best motorcycle helmets on J&S Accessories, you will notice a lot of different brands and manufacturers. Each one has a different style and varying price points depending on what you are looking for. Each brand will also feel slightly different depending on your head size. It can be trial and error at first when trying different brands.

Male or Female Motorcycle Helmets

There is no real difference between men and women's motorcycle helmets apart from aesthetics. The fit of the helmet is the most important factor to consider and so a smaller size may be required for women.

Extra Features of the Best Motorcycle Helmets

There are many specific features of helmets that will be listed when buying. However, two features that have become increasingly popular are Bluetooth and cameras.

Bluetooth Helmets

These are very popular as it enables you to listen to music, communicate with other riders or take directions from a mobile phone. A Bluetooth helmet will pick up devices in close proximity. This is useful when using a mobile device for directions. The best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets have a long lasting battery and aren't too heavy. Alternatively, there are a number of devices you can buy to add an intercom to your helmet.

Motorcycle Helmets with Cameras

Another increasingly popular option is to have a motorcycle helmet with a camera. This enables you to capture landscape and footage from your journey. Many helmet cameras are waterproof and operate on wifi for easy download after riding. Camera footage can also be used if you have an accident.

Looking After Your Helmet

There are many motorcycle helmet cleaning tools. You should clean both the internal and external parts of the helmet. J&S stock a variety of cleaning goods including cleaning solution and wipes.

When to Replace Your Motorcycle Helmet

After an accident, you should replace your helmet. It may look like no significant damage has been done, however, the interior could have damage that you can't see. Otherwise, it's generally good to replace your helmet approximately every five years.

As you can see, there is a plethora of features when choosing the best motorcycle helmet. It can take time to find the right one, so don't rush the purchasing decision. If you need more assistance, get in touch, we're happy to help.

J&S Accessories stocks a huge variety of motorcycle helmets, meaning you can choose the best helmet for your needs. Contact the team to find out more or locate your nearest store.