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Christmas Wish List 2018

18th December 2018

Hello and welcome to Alex's Blog,

As Christmas is upon us, (I know ANOTHER Christmas blog...it'll be over soon...I promise) I thought that I would ask our staff from our 30 stores nationwide what they want for Christmas. This may be useful to you for inspiration for gift giving/asking or some answers may just give you a giggle...some may make you very sad and may make you want to donate...just send a cheque FAO Alex @ HQ. I'll make sure it's passed on. Ahem.

Dave @ Hamilton - "Racer Heat 3 Gloves - Always tempted to go out for a winter ride on a cold but dry day and I really need to replace my old IXS North Goretex gloves...no more wind chill and toasty fingers all through winter."

Ally @ Hamilton - "IXS HX215 Zenium - Fantastic lid with loads of features and colourways, just happens to fit me spot on and would be great as a replacement for my old lid."

Chris @ Uckfield - "X-Lite X-803 Ultra Carbon Puro in a medium please. I need a more track focussed helmet for track days and this ticks all the boxes for me at a great price."

Garry @ Birmingham - "What I would like for Christmas is a complete set of the Muc-Off range to restore my kit and bike through the winter months."

James @ Birmingham - "Hmmm I would like the new Shoei Ex Zero helmet off Santa for Christmas."

Ethan @ Birmingham- "Having just purchased the new KTM390, I really would love the Frank Thomas Qualifier one pc suit."

Ross @ Birmingham - "I would like the Arai Rebel helmet."

Alex @ Maidstone - "I would like a new set of bike levers for my Honda VFR750, the original levers are not that good as they are still as per it left the factory. Or a New ZZR1400 from our lovely elves in Doncaster (Hint Hint...)"

Michael @ Maidstone - "I would like from Santa a Delkevic full system for my Honda Hornet to save some weight and get more horsepower!"

Tom @ Maidstone - "I would like from Santa a set of front Axel sliders as does not have any and these would protect his forks in the event of an Off

Mark @ Maidstone- "I would like from Santa 34 degrees, clear skies, dry roads and a new X-Spirit 3!"

Rat @ Ilford "Heated Racer gloves...EVERYONE wants an Arai I'll have 2 please...inner gloves or bar muffs for them early morning winter commutes, neck buffs make great stocking fillers, gift certificates for the fussy ones! We even have Moto GP mugs for ya tea! The old ears aren't what they were so Auritechs are needed, while ya there a freecom kit to keep me entertained on the move as well please!"

"A new Harley Davidson fatboy would be nice. If not a Kawasaki H2R for all the staff here at Staverton."

Dave @ Bristol - "I would like a intercom kit for Christmas, so I can listen to some tunes while riding!!"

Sean @ Bristol - "I would like a “Tru Tension” Chain Monkey to make my ride glide!

Joe @ Bristol - "Would like a handlebar mounted phone holder so he knows where he's going!"

Russ @ Bristol - "I would like a Scorpion Exo Combat helmet, with the DARK visor for obvious reasons! (for our benefit)"

Tim (Bruce) @ Bristol - "Would like ANYTHING that keeps his old southern bones a bit warmer!"

Sam @ Leicester - "I am always looking to extend my Shoei Helmet collection especially with the new RYD and X-Zero both in Basalt Grey...for me it is always about upgrading my old kit so example Rukka Navigator Suit to replace and now tired suit that has served me well. 😃😃😃😃"

Marius @ Hanger Lane "He would really like some Handlebar muffs for his Harley... we could call him HandmuffHarleyHellcat."

Ashley @ Doncaster- "Shoei NXR, Dystopia TC-5. I would like a new helmet from Santa this year as my old one has been thrown away after years of use. This new one looks amazing with the new graphics and would go perfectly with my Harley."

Paul @ Doncaster - "Shoei X-Spirit 3, gloss Black with a dark visor. I would like for Christmas a Shoei X spirit 3. It fits me perfectly and it's a race helmet, perfect for my Fireblade."

Ben @ Doncaster - (apart from a new hip) "A HJC RPHA 11 Mike Wazowski My current helmet has done a lot of miles and with it being red doesn't match my current bike. These new RPHA 11s are really comfortable and light and this colour way matches my bike."

Michael @ Doncaster - "CBT & DAS training. I would like to get my motorcycle license so I don't have to push bike everywhere and I would like to go touring."

Nick (Parts) @ Doncaster - "Rukka Nivala Jacket. I commute everyday and after watching a guy on YouTube who swears by this jacket this is the one I want to keep me warm and dry every day."

Shane @ Plymouth "I would like for Christmas a really nice windproof long sleeve top by Frank Thomas Ant120 in particular. I think I would really benefit from it in the colder mornings being windproof and warm without the expense of heated clothing.. Which I hope I get for next year and following birthdays..."

Craig @ Preston - A Honda Valkyrie 1.5 Straight 6 Custom!!"

Until next time, stay safe,