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Claire House Charity Bike Night

28th August 2019

J&S Bike night Oakmere

Hello and welcome to Alex's Blog,

We recently held a charity bike night with the legendary Howard Gill in aid of Claire House - a fantastic childrens hospice charity based in Liverpool.

Even though it was being held in early August, the weather was looking to be bad so we didn't hold our breath for a fantastic turnout in the days leading up to the bike night.....

Customer's BSA in the sun
An attendee's BSA in the glorious sunshine!

Then something amazing happened......the weather reports changed and said it wasn't going to be raining the whole time and there wasn't going to be thunderstorms.....there was actually going to be (shock horror!) SUNSHINE! Which meant, in turn, that the bike night was going to be busier than we had originally anticipated!

Oakmere bike night

This was good news but it was all hands on deck to get the autojumble we had originally planned, but shelved because of the weather, down at the bike sales department sorted.

Oakmere Autojumble
John and Steve manning the Autojumble

As the weather was going to be good, our bike sales team set up their autojumble stand outside and had lots on offer at great prices! (The autojumble will be back at the next Bike Night on September 4th)

On the Edge setting up
On the Edge setting up under an ominous looking cloud

The bike night started at 5 and there was a quick scattering of rain, which I cannot lie, worried us, but the sun soon shone through the cloud and beat the rain in to submission.

Oakmere bike night filling up
Oakmere bike night filling up

The Claire House took centre stage for maximum fundraising capacity - Cora and Josh came along with Claire House hoodies and t-shirts and sold raffle tickets with fantastic prizes with every penny going to Claire House. For those not in the know, Claire House is a fantastic charity based in Liverpool. A children's hospice offering respite to sick children, their siblings and parents. A fantastic cause.

Cora and Josh from Claire house sellng raffle tickets
Cora and Josh from Claire House selling raffle tickets

Bike Angels also came to show support and even donated a £200 J&S Gift voucher in their own raffle with every penny raised also going to Claire House!

Bike Angel
Bike Angel

On The Edge's Stunt Show went down a storm and they did a fantastic job in a relatively small area!

On the Edge Stunt Team
On The Edge Stunt Team

Dec, Alex and Wayne certainly wowed the crowds with their gravity-defying stunts! Well, Dec and Alex did. Wayne wowed their with his MC skills!

Biker Safe
Biker Safe

Our local Biker Safe team showed up to give their support and we had a BKS stand showing off J&S supported rider suits and J&S supported riders Joe Francis and Taylor Moreton were here to meet, greet and take a selfie with!

Joe Francis and Taylor Moreton
Joe Francis and Taylor Moreton

Our bike nights are always free to attend but we do ask for donations for our chosen charity. All in all over £1000 was raised for Claire House - a fantastic amount for a fantastic cause I'm sure you'll agree!

Our next bike night, and last of 2019, is on September the 4th 5-9 pm. This bike night is a special one. This is in memory of Nathan "Nafe" Clarke. Nafe was a customer of ours and a very popular local biker whose fantastic family are raising money for the North West Air Ambulance. The Claire House bike night was going to be our last but we really wanted to do something to help so the September 4th bike night was planned!

Nafe Clarke's Bike night

Again, this is free to attend, but if you are planning on coming (and we hope you are!) please bring some cash for a fantastic cause. As usual, at one of our bike nights, there will be plenty to see, LOADS of bikes to look at and the Fourways Cafe will be open for you all to get a cuppa/some food. We very much hope to see you there!

Until next time, stay safe,