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Clothing - Size Matters

11th October 2017

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Hello and welcome to Alex's Blog. This week I wanted to look in to motorcycle clothing and the sizing available. I've done a blog on a sizing guide for motorcycle clothing, but I thought I would add to this with a little about motorcycle clothing for those of us who are petite, tall, more rotund or Herculean. Whilst we don't always have these sizes in stock we can order them from our suppliers for you, just ask in any one of our 30 stores nationwide or contact us online.

Fit in motorcycle clothing is highly important. The look of the kit should be secondary to the fit. This is a matter of life and death and if your kit fits you well then this will offer you maximum protection against abrasion and against a bad injury. The armour should be in the right place to offer you the best protection you can get. If something is too baggy then the armour could twist and move and not give you the best protection. If your clothing is too small it is more likely to burst its seams upon impact and therefore leave you more vulnerable to injury. This also applies to helmets. You don't want one that is too big so your head "rattles around" in the event of an accident, but not too small so that it gives you a headache and impairs your judgement. You want the perfect porridge from Goldilocks fit: "Just right".

Leather Suits:

Frank Thomas Qualifier 1 Piece Suit

Most suits are standard sizes up to a 52” or 54” chest, with the waist around 8-10 inches below the chest at size 42” to 44”. In very petite sizing for men or teenage boys we do tend to sell a lot of ladies' suits - they tend to fit very well and remember that's what is most important! The better the fit of motorcycle clothing the safer you are.


Most Leather motorcycle jackets will go to a 52” or 54” chest, some like the RST Blade will stretch a little to a 56” chest, but the Frank Thomas Defender will top out at a mighty 64” chest.

RST Blade Leather Jacket
The RST Blade Leather Jacket

Frank Thomas Defender Leather Jacket
The Frank Thomas Defender Leather Jacket

Textile jackets however are another matter. Many will go way beyond a 2 or even 3 XL. The J&S Challenger is up to a 5XL, the Frank Thomas George Jacket is available in sizes from L to 8XL and the Richa Cyclone Jacket is up to a more generous 12XL and features a Gore-Tex membrane to boot.

J&S Challenger Jacket
J&S Challenger Jacket up to 5XL

Frank Thomas George Jacket
Frank Thomas George Jacket from L to 8XL

Richa Cyclone Jacket
Richa Cyclone Jacket up to a huge 12XL

Jeans and trousers:

Most leather jeans will go up to a 40-42” waist or a ladies size 18-20, but again it's a different world with textiles with J&S Challenger trousers going up to 5XL. Plus, the Richa Cyclone trousers go up to size 6XL.

J&S Challenger trousers
The J&S Challenger trousers
up to 5XL

Richa Cyclone trousers
The Richa Cyclone trousers
up to 6XL

A misconception on trouser and jeans sizes is the inside leg gets longer the larger the size – It doesn't. Inside leg measurements are generally a standard, Short Regular or Long, as the chart below.

Men30” (76cm)32” (81cm)34” (86.5cm)
Ladies28” (71cm)30” (76cm)32” (81cm)

However, these measurements can vary by manufacturer and for some small and extra small sizes, especially ladies, they can be shorter. It's always best to visit the store – you can try on as many pairs as you like to get the right size (we often have customers trying 20+ pairs!). Remember we have 30 stores nationwide. Examples of different leg lengths can be found with the RST Leather Blade II jeans being available in Short, regular and long. For denim the Red-Route jeans also come in all three lengths.

RST Leather Blade II jeans
RST Leather Blade II jeans
in Short, Regular & Long

Red-Route denim motorcycle jeans
The Red-Route denim jeans
in Short, Regular & Long


Daytona boots are available in sizes 3 to 15 (euro 36 -50) – with ladies and wide fittings available. Remember ladies sizing is different to men's and that different brands (especially in motorcycle boots) can vary so you are always best to try on. Also, if you wear thicker socks bear this in mind when choosing boots. TCX is also known to be a wider fit than other brands even though these aren't labelled as wide fit.

Daytona Roadstar Goretex Boots
Daytona Roadstar Goretex Boots

TCX SS Sport Waterproof Boots
TCX SS Sport Waterproof Boots


Gloves Banner

The standard range for gloves is S to 2XL but IXS have a 5XL and even a 6XL available.


Typically helmets vary from XS which is 54 cms to 2XL which is 64 cms. However, we do have some available for those who tip either end of the scale: the HJC CLSP is a plus size helmet available in 3XL and 4XL and the HJC CL-Y has petite sizes - their XS is a standard 54cm but their 2XS is 50cm.

HJC CLSP Black Helmet
HJC CLSP Black Helmet

HJC CL-Y Simitic Helmet
HJC CL-Y Simitic Helmet


Forcefield back protectors

Don't forget those important extras – items such as the Forcefield back protectors are available in a range of sizes to fit.

Hi-Viz vests

As well as Hi-Viz vests which are also available up to 5XL.

Until next time, stay safe