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College Commuting?

25th April 2018

Hello and welcome to Alex's Blog. Last week I did a blog about choosing commuting on a motorcycle over a car. With exam season starting soon it got me thinking about school leavers and why commuting on a moped/scooter is a good choice for them.

You can ride a moped/scooter at 16 and just at this age is when lots of teenagers are leaving school and starting at college or in an apprenticeship/job. The taxi of mum and dad can't always drop off and buses can be expensive. A scooter/moped can give a whole new independence to 16 year olds and it doesn't have to break the bank. To persuade you further that commuting for school leavers is a viable option here are some kit options (for both sexes) which won't break the bank, give great protection and would realistically be worn by a teenager!

Spartan J14S Short Jacket
The Spartan J14S Short Jacket is only £39.99 but gives great protection as this has CE approved armour at the shoulders and elbows as well as a durable, but lightweight, textile construction. You can't complain at less than £40!

The IXS Parka comes in ladies and men's sizes and has a casual styling with hidden protection with CE approved armour at the shoulders and elbows. This is a good coat for all seasons and ideal for commuting to college in.

IXS Ladies Parka
IXS Ladies Parka

IXS Mens Parka
IXS Mens Parka

Alpinestars Chrome Hoodie
This may be more pricey at £149.99 but the Alpinestars Chrome Hoodie looks very casual, but again, has hidden protection and more importantly has the ever popular Alpinestars logo - which is why I have included it in this blog as this is very popular.

The Frank Thomas Tornado motorcycle trousers can be worn on their own or over other trousers. They are waterproof and have CE approved armour at the knees for added protection. At £59.99 these also don't break the bank.

At only £39.99 the Armadillo Ladies Trousers are a reasonably priced trouser that can be worn on their own or over other clothing. These have CE approved armour at the knees and are lightweight and weatherproof.

Frank Thomas Tornado motorcycle trousers
Frank Thomas Tornado Trousers

Armadillo Ladies Trousers
Armadillo Ladies Trousers

The Red Route Red017 Modica denim jeans are £99.99 but aren't your normal jeans - they are perfect for commuting on a bike as they have hidden protection, but they have casual styling so can be worn all day.

The Red Route Becky skinny ladies' jeans are casual looking with added protection in vulnerable areas. Perfect for commuting on a scooter/bike but fine to wear all day as well.

Red Route Red017 Modica denim jeans
Red Route Modica Denim Jeans

Red Route Becky skinny ladies jeans
Red Route Becky Skinny Ladies Jeans

The Box BX-1 full-face motorcycle helmet is our cheapest helmet at only £44.99 - but its lightweight, ECER2205 approved and a great helmet for the money. Also, it comes in all colours as long as its black.

If you're looking for a bit more colour, to stand out a bit more, the IXS HX1000 Rider helmet comes in a choice of two colours; Pink or Yellow. At only £49.99 this is still at a great price.

Box BX-1 full-face motorcycle helmet
Box BX-1 Helmet

IXS HX1000 Rider Pink helmet
IXS Pink Rider Helmet

IXS HX1000 Rider Yellow helmet
IXS Yellow Rider Helmet

Frank Thomas Alaska 2 motorcycle gloves

At only £19.99 the Frank Thomas Alaska 2 motorcycle gloves are a great starter glove - ideal for commuting and under £20!

The J&S Beverley 9040 gloves come in a choice of three colours and are waterproof, warm and lightweight. A great glove for £34.99.

J&S Beverley Black Gloves

J&S Beverley Pink Gloves
Black Pink

J&S Beverley Black Pink Gloves

Oxford GP Chain Lock

To make sure you're confident leaving your pride and joy and source of your independence while you're off getting educated/earning money then you will want a good lock. The Oxford GP Chain Lock is a best seller for us for very good reason. This is easy to use, and you get a lot of lock for your money at only £29.99.

L Plates
Finally, an absolute essential for any learner out there, the L plates!

Until next time, stay safe,