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Festivals On A Motorbike

12th July 2017

Motorbike Festival

Hello and welcome to Alex's Blog. Its now mid-July and we're getting some fantastic weather all around the Great British isles this year. We are having some rain (which is to be expected for British summers!) but we are getting some very hot weather too. With this in mind I wanted to highlight motorcycle events and festivals for you to enjoy and what essentials to bring.

Scooter day posterFirstly here is a list of upcoming events this summer from the BMF.

Also if you're in the Northwich area - and our HQ and our biggest store are located here - then there is a Scooter day on Sunday the 16th July in Northwich Town Centre.

When you head to a festival on your bike you will obviously need all of your kit and clothing etc. But there may be little extras that will be extremely useful but you may forget, so here are a list of really useful festival items for you:

Marc Marquez Baseball CapMotorcycle hats and caps. Granted it doesn't have to be motorcycle themed, but we're a motorcycle clothing and accessories store - this is what we sell! Although this is an essential item on long sunny days to keep sunstroke at bay - and this year, for once, there is a real risk of that!

Why not use this as an opportunity to show your allegiance to a particular brand/rider? For example Marc Marquez.

Monster VR46 beanieOn the other hand, we are in an unpredictable climate (despite all weather reports saying glorious sunshine well in to August!) so we cater for the cold weather too. How about a Monster VR46 beanie? Stylish AND warm.

Oxford OF159 HD Chain LockMotorcycle security is a big deal at a festival/event. It is definitely advisable to use both a chain lock and a disc lock.

A good chainlock to use is the Oxford OF159 HD Chain Lock which also doubles as a disc lock too.

Oxford Products Paddock Mate
Parking at outdoor events can often be problematic for bikers. Fields aren't always even and can often be muddy. You can get past this problem very easily - with a Paddock Mate. This is small, lightweight and very easy to transport with you at all times, and saves you a massive parking headache! Just put it down on the floor and this will stop your bike sinking in to the mud.

IXS Cannes 2PC rain suitNow I know I said the weather was going to be fantastic this year, and as I type that still stands, but we are in Britain, and it does rain here, there is no denying that, so it is best to be prepared for rain. Every British biker needs rainwear. Handy for use on or off the bike these are lightweight and easy to carry. The IXS Cannes 2PC rain suit is a best seller - this is lightweight and is 100% waterproof.

Another handy item for a festival is a good rucksack/bum bag. This transitions from being useful to carry items on the bike to then being useful to carry items for the festival. The Kriega US20 and US30 tail packs are what you're looking for. They are tailpacks that are big enough to carry everything  you will need, but then they convert to a back pack so you can use them for the festival. Ideal!

Kriega US20 Drypack
Kriega US20 Drypack
Kriega US30 Drypack
Kriega US30 Drypack

Auritech Hearing ProtectorsEarplugs are also an essential item. They would be handy on the journey but have you ever camped in a tightly packed festival campsite field? If you have then you will understand why I am saying you will need earplugs. If not then lets just say that canvas doesn't exactly shield or muffle the noise of loud snorers. At all. Why not go posh and get the Auritech Hearing Protectors? You won't be sorry!

Oxford Xtend Bungees
Bungees are always useful to have on you at any time, especially with extra luggage to carry. The Oxford Xtend Bungees are ideal.

Oxford XL Cargo Net
A cargo net is also very useful as at a lot of these BMF events there are a lot of bargains on offer. The Oxford XL version is ideal.

Helly Freeway Smoke Sunglasses
Continuing the optimism about the weather, we sell lots of different styles of sunglasses. The Helly Freeway Smoke Sunglasses are a best seller.

Dr Bike Alcohol Breath Tester KitAlcohol usually plays a big part in festival activities.....make sure you're safe to ride the next day with the Dr Bike Alcohol Breath Tester Kit. This is £14.99 but the peace of mind is worth a lot more.

Oxford Tool Kit
In case of any emergencies a toolkit is always a good idea. The Oxford Tool Kit is compact and easy to carry but has a LOT of tools for the size. Very useful indeed.

Oxford Underseat First Aid Kit
Again, in an emergency, it is always ideal to have a first aid kit and this Oxford Underseat First Aid Kit, like it says, fits under your seat, and has a surprising amount in it for the size!

Motrax Tip Top tyre repair kit
Finally, you're stuck in a field in the middle of nowhere with a flat tyre. What do you do? You come prepared thats what!! The Motrax Tip Top tyre repair kit is compact and easy to use. Perfect!

Until next time, stay safe,