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Frank Thomas Microfibre Boot

6th February 2020
Frank Thomas Microfibre Motorcycle Boots Pair

Hello and welcome to Alex's Blog. The Frank Thomas Microfibre motorcycle boots are a reasonably priced boot but what do they have to offer? Lets find out:


Made from higly abrasion-resistant leather and microfibre, the Frank Thomas Microfibre Touring motorcycle boots have added protection at the shins, ankles, heels and front toe box. These also have gear change reinforcement on both boots for added durability as well as double stitching throughout. The rubber sole is also anti-slip and oil-resistant giving you peace of mind that you will be sure-footed.

Frank Thomas Microfibre Motorcycle Boot Inner


Designed for touring, the Frank Thomas Microfibre motorcycle boot has a mid-calf length which makes them ultra-comfortable with added movement thanks to accordion stretch detailing at the front and back to allow free movement both on the bike and for walking. These motorcycle boots also come with a comfort footbed that give added comfort for long wears. Small air vents in key areas give added air circulation along with airmesh lining to keep your feet fresh but are carefully placed so as not to take in water/wind.

Frank Thomas Microfibre Motorcycle boot Rear


The most practical aspect of the Frank Thomas Microfibre motorcycle boots is the entry/exit. The zip goes down to the floor making these very easy to get in to and out of. The zip is stitched on to thick elastic which not only gives more life to the zip (as this makes it easier to zip up without any sticking) but this thick elastic also means that the boots give variable sizing at the calf - ideal for people who have trouble finding boots to fit their calves - but also people who don't! As the zip is attached to elastic without any stretch these are very much average in width so these are suitable for ALL sized calves. The zipped area also has protection against water ingress with a continued flap of material that also protects your socks. A hook and loop fastening cover over the zip protects your paintwork and, again, gives variable sizing for a personalised fit. The comfort footbed in the FT Microfibre motorcycle boot is removable meaning this can also be replaced for your own upgrades - or even scented ones.

Frank Thomas Microfibre Motorcycle Boot Outer


As these are designed as a touring motorcycle boot the design is very muted and plain black. This is not a negative, but there is no reflective detailing on the FT Microfibre boot which does give less visibility in darker lights. Also these boots are made with matt leather, which a lot of people prefer, but this is not the easiest to polish and clean so could be seen as a negative. As these are a more budget boot, the rubber sole, whilst being anti-slip and highly durable, can leave black marks (which are removable) on certain types of flooring.

Frank Thomas Microfibre Motorcycle Boot Sole


The Frank Thomas Microfibre motorcycle boots are brilliant boots for the money. A mid-length touring boot that is extremely comfortable for a great ride and added movement for comfort off the bike. You'd be hard pressed to find a boot as good for this kind of money.

Until next time, stay safe,


Frank Thomas Microfibre Motorcycle boot Front