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Great British Bike Off 2016 Winners

7th September 2016

J&S Accessories Great British Bike Off competition

Hello and welcome to Alex's Blog. This week at HQ we have been receiving and judging entries for the J&S Great British Bike Off. Wow! What a fantastic response to the #JSGBBO competition we had! Thank you so much to everyone who entered! We really enjoyed judging all the entries.

One thing that really stood out was the variety of bikes and pictures that we received, so thank you to all that entered and to all that have taken part on social media as well. I think its been a real talking point and I think it is something we may do every year as we really enjoyed seeing all of your bikes. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. With this in mind we should really announce the winner. After much deliberation we couldn't decide between two. Half of the office wanted Mark Bradford to win:

Mark Bradford's Triumph

Whilst the other half was convinced it should be Mark Haynes who should take the title (other names were allowed to enter as you will see later) with his R1:

Mark Haynes' Yamaha R1

These two really caught our eye. It was a very hard decision to even get down to these two as there were some amazing entries with beautiful photography or with brilliant backgrounds or even with some great lights! But these two stood out from the crowd for us as being really impressive bikes and we think the photos captured the essence of the bikes as well. They really give their best side. However, it was a stalemate. So we gave the decision to our Facebook followers! We put both of these up on our J&S Accessories Ltd Facebook page and the bike with the most likes would be the eventual victor.......so the winner was........... Mark Bradford!

So well done to Mark and a pair of tickets to the BSB at Oulton Park are yours, along with the smugness you get from having the best bike from a lot of great entries!

Now for some honourable mentions. This was very hard as there were SO many and we really could have easily chosen more! (which we may well do some time)

Philip Henderson's Triumph

Philip Henderson. You were up there, you really were.

Matthew McConnachie's Suzuki

Matthew McConnachie - we loved the juxtaposition of the Japanese sports bike with the olde worlde British cottage (and of course the red telephone box!)

David Stokes' pride and joy

David Stokes - we absolutely loved the history and the MILES in this bike - plus the interesting backdrop.

Martyn Emmens on Jackass Lane

Martyn Emmens - lols! Full points for the road sign usage.

Connor Jardine's moody beach

Connor Jardine - fabulous shot.

Ryan Everton's chrome detail

Ryan Everton - we liked your chrome-centric picture.

Ben Lovley's cute blood bike

Ben Lovley - definitely one of the cutest entries.

Ross Kelly's Triumph TT

Ross Kelly - classically British.

Jeanette Neary's Monster Kawasaki Cake

Jeannete Neary - if this was the Bake off you'd be our winner!

Lisa Walton's beautiful Honda

Lisa Walton - another beautifully taken photograph and a beautiful bike to boot.

Terry Stride's charity ride

Terry Stride - a special mention goes to you for this little beauty and it's charity work.

Mandy QB Carter - matchy mention

Mandy QB Carter - Matching mention of the day goes to you!

Paula Windmill's Kawasaki ZXR

Paula Windmill - You were also so close to being the winner!

Adrian Latham's Yamaha RD250

Adrian Latham - as the manager of the Oakmere branch and author of the Blog about restoring this you never actually officially entered but you can have an honourable mention as your RD250 is very beautiful.

Owen Monaghan's Honda

Owen Monaghan - another beauty that caught the judges eyes.

Shaun Walton's Santa ride

Shaun Walton - a Christmas entry, we loved it.

Doug McGarvie's classic

Doug McGarvie - a very lovely bike and background.

Daz Taylor's custom bike

Daz Taylor - very nice handiwork.

Joanna Mackintosh's illuminations

Joanna Mackintosh - purely for the light show alone we had to put this on here!

Jason Simpson - arty

Jason Simpson - this really arty shot impressed us.

James Ferrier's Harley

James Ferrier - stunning photo.

Steve Williamson's Triumph

Steve Williamson - lovely bike.

Terry Sheen's classic

Terry  Sheen - another contender for near the top at J&S HQ.

Ange Tomlinson's slow shutter shot

Ange Tomlinson - we really liked the light effect in the background as well as the bike.

Neil Hilton's classic bike

Neil Hilton - classic bike we thought it was worth a mention!

Chris Rossi's Triumph

Chris Rossi - another beautifully taken photo in the British countryside.

Matthew Heading-Mouse - best product placement

Matthew Heading-Mouse - We really liked the look you were going for here with the fluorescent details, plus the product placement!

Thank you to everyone who entered. We hope you had fun seeing everyone's bikes, I know we did. We will definitely do something like this again next year as it was very popular and was also very popular here in the office!

Speaking of the office, today at J&S Accessories HQ we are in full photo shoot mode. We are shooting a clothing campaign which you will be able to see very soon. If you subscribe to our newsletter you should be able to see the results before everyone else on this weeks newsletter. If you don't already then you can subscribe here.

J&S Accessories HQ Photoshoot

J&S Accessories HQ clothing Photoshoot

J&S Accessories HQ clothing Photoshoot Steve's creative direction

Until next time, stay safe!