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Halloween In Store 2016

2nd November 2016


Hello and welcome to Alex's Blog! This Halloween at J&S we've been having a scream! Our stores have been decorated in a horror theme and we even have our own J&S horror video courtesy of the very talented Aberdeen store!

You really need to check our horror film out as there is a £50 J&S Gift Voucher up for grabs if you can guess all of the horror film references. So far no one has guessed ALL of the references so the closest will win. If a few people get them all (or the most) they will be put in to the draw but at the moment no one has guessed ALL of the horror films. Why not give it a go? You can enter by watching it and emailing us at: enquiries@jsaccessories.co.uk  with your guesses. The competition closes Thursday 03/11/16 at 2PM. Good luck!

Also if your horror knowledge isn't that great you can also enter our OTHER competition on social media where you can also win a £50 J&S Gift voucher (I know, we're VERY generous) All you have to do is go to our J&S Accessories Facebook page and you will see the competition which shows our stores decoration for Halloween. We thought we would pit them against each other and let the public decide whose decorations are best!  Here are all the pictures below for you to see now. On Facebook, just "like" the one you think is the best and you will be entered in to a prize draw to win the voucher. We had a lot of fun this year with this competition so we extended it to past Halloween until Thursday 03/11/16 at 2PM. We have had so much fun doing this that you should watch this space for Christmas! But look at the efforts of the stores below! Amazing:

J&S Aberdeen Store's Halloween 2016
J&S Birmingham Store's Halloween 2016
J&S Bristol Store's Halloween 2016
J&S Doncaster Store's Halloween 2016
J&S Farnborough Store's Halloween 2016
J&S Finedon Store's Halloween 2016
J&S Glasgow Store's Halloween 2016
J&S Hamilton Store's Halloween 2016
J&S Ilford Store's Halloween 2016
J&S Leeds Store's Halloween 2016
J&S Leicester Store's Halloween 2016
J&S Maidstone Store's Halloween 2016
J&S Manchester Store's Halloween 2016
J&S New Malden Store's Halloween 2016
J&S Newcastle Store's Halloween 2016
J&S Northwich Store's Halloween 2016
J&S Plymouth Store's Halloween 2016
J&S Portsmouth Store's Halloween 2016
J&S Southampton Store's Halloween 2016
J&S St Albans Store's Halloween 2016
J&S Uckfield Store's Halloween 2016

Its not just fun here at J&S Accessories HQ we do actual work aswell! This week we have been busying ourselves with a lot of new stock of Shoei helmets which are coming in this week in to our warehouse and all of our 28 stores nationwide.  There will be some fantastic deals on these so keep an eye out they will all be on our website soon.

Also this week here is the #JSBIKEOFTHEWEEK that we are going to be releasing every Wednesday:


Also this week we have had a recommendation off a customer. Sadly the customer had a crash, and we wish him well, but he posted to our Eltham branch Facebook page (which is where he bought his helmet) about what a good job it had done:

Customer's HJC FS-11 Helmet after a crash

The helmet he bought was actually a HJC FS-11 which we have at a reduced price at the moment, so I thought I would add this to the blog to show you a genuine recommendation from a very happy customer who can definitely vouch for the safety of this helmet! We wish him a speedy recovery and I would just like to say from all at J&S Accessories that we are glad he is ok.

Until next time everyone, stay safe!