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HJC RPHA 11 Motorcycle Helmet

Alex Sheeran   |   11th May 2021

The HJC RPHA 11 motorcycle helmet is a finely tuned, premium quality, full-face motorcycle helmet for sports and track-day enthusiasts with a vast choice of colours and graphics, including race replicas. How does it compare to other helmets in the premium category? Let's see:


The RPHA 11 features HJC's Plus Integrated Matrix (PIM) shell construction of carbon fibre, aramid and carbon-glass hybrid fibres to produce a solid superlight helmet. Designed in HJC's wind tunnel, the shell shape maximises its aerodynamic potential with rear and side spoilers to ensure stability at any speed. The detachable chin curtain reduces wind noise and blocks out turbulent airflow. The visor has an enlarged aperture for increased vision, with an enhanced central one-touch locking system which enables the visor to be locked closed for high-speed track days. The helmet is supplied with a Pinlock anti-fog lens and both clear and smoked visors. The chin strap has an ultra-secure double D-ring retention.


Due to the aggressive shape of the RPHA 11 and its premium construction and many other features we will explore, the RPHA 11 is used by many racers. This, in turn, means it comes in race replicas colourways. As the RPHA 11 is HJC's jewel in the crown, it is the shell for quite a few of their collaboration helmet designs, such as Spiderman, Star Wars Kylo Ren, the Joker, etc. and all plain colours it comes in and HJC's own graphics. The options of designs in the RPHA 11 is vast! The aesthetic of the shell itself is aggressive due to the smaller shell enhancing aerodynamics. All vents and exhausts are placed to give the maximum benefit whilst wearing the helmet and do not detract from the design on any of the colourways.


The RPHA 11 has an advanced channel for the liner, allowing cool air in and pushing hot, humid air out of the rear. The helmet's MultiCool anti-bacterial lining wicks moisture away for even more comfort and is removeable and washable. For spectacle (or sunglasses) wearers, the helmet even has a 'glasses groove'. HJC's Plus Integrated Matrix (PIM) shell construction of carbon fibre, aramid and carbon-glass hybrid fibres means this is super lightweight. As the RPHA 11 is wind-tunnel tested, this ensures stability and comfort at any speed - no head-bobbing! The detachable chin curtain reduces wind noise and blocks out turbulent airflow for a quiet, more comfortable ride.


The chin bar and new forehead vents have a simple slider mechanism, whilst each of the top vents has a glove-friendly rubberised dial allowing you precise control of the airflow. The HJC RPHA 11 Motorcycle Helmet comes with a 5-year HJC warranty against any possible manufacturing fault or material defect. Visors and parts for the helmet are easy to come across - a great benefit of HJC offering so many designs in this shell! The visor is extremely easy to replace, and the lining is simple to remove and replace after cleaning.


The RPHA 11 can be a tight fit. Once it's on, great, but getting it on can be a bit of an eye-waterer. We have had some reports about problems with the base plates. As stated before, obtaining replacement parts isn't a problem, and they are easily changed, but for a premium helmet, this isn't really something you should have to do. Another quibble could be that it is not as premium as its Shoei and Arai counterparts - yet there is a price difference and quite a significant one at that.


The HJC RPHA 11 is a fantastic buy for the money, especially with some of the offers we have here at J&S Accessories! The extensive choice of colourways is a massive bonus. The price difference between this and its Arai and Shoei counterparts is definitely more than enough to excuse a few issues with base plates on some helmets - this is not a widespread problem with this helmet. Why not go into one of our 30 stores nationwide and have a look?

Until next time, stay safe.