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Keeping Toasty On The Bike

27th September 2017

Keeping Toasty On The Bike

Hello and welcome to Alex's Blog. As the weather is getting colder I thought I would look at different options to keep you warm and toasty in this cooler climate.

Layering is a great way to keep you warm, but you don't necessarily have to wear a ridiculous amount of layers for them to be effective. There are lots of great products available which use special fabric which keeps you warm in winter but regulates your temperature so you don't have to have lots of cumbersome layers while riding. These are also available for ladies too.

Oxford Cool Dry Long Sleeved Top

The Oxford Cool Dry Long Sleeved Top is a great example of a non-bulky top that keeps you warm in winter and cool in warmer weather. This is comfortable to wear, machine washable and has matching items available.

There is not just thermal clothing available. We have balaclavas, neck warmers, plus socks and inner gloves. All are lightweight and very easy to wear.

Forcefield Tornado Advance Balaclava

The Forcefield Tornado Advance Balaclava is another non-bulky way to keep you warm. Its lightweight, washable and extremely warm. No wonder it's a best seller for us!

EDZ Lightweight Neck Warmer

The EDZ Lightweight Neck Warmer is suitable for use all year round, again this is extremely lightweight, washable and keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Frank Thomas Hot Socks

Frank Thomas Hot Socks aren't just heat for your feet they are also a treat for your feet! They are extremely comfy as well as washable and extremely warm in cooler temperatures.

Frank Thomas Inner GloveInner gloves are a great way of keeping you warm without having to change your usual trusty gloves. Thin enough to wear under your normal gloves but warm enough to make a real difference the Frank Thomas ANT125 gloves are the perfect inner glove.

As well as thermal layering there are heated clothing options available. We even have a seat heater!
Motrax Hot Seat
The Motrax Hot Seat is designed to fit easily on to any bike and to keep your behind warm, this is very simple to fit and the price isn't bad either.

Oxford Heated Glove
The Oxford Heated Gloves are a great way to keep your hands warm. They have three heat settings for the ultimate in luxury, are very easy to use and again, a best seller.

Oxford Heated Vest

If you struggle keeping your body warm then the Oxford Heated Vest is for you. Again, not too bulky, but the added heat really does make a difference on a cold day on the bike. A real game changer.

Oxford Premium GripsOur most popular heated item are heated grips. We sell lots of different kinds including universal fit ones but the most popular are the Oxford Premium Grips. These are designed specifically for different kinds of bike such as Touring and feature different settings, they are very easy to fit and wire straight up to your battery.

Oxford Supa MuffsAnother way to keep you warm from wind chill (which can be used in conjunction heated grips and gloves!) are handlebar muffs.

The Bike it Boxer Bar Muffs are a best seller for us. These really do protect your hands from wind chill and can be used in conjunction with heated grips and even heated gloves too!

Respro Anti Fog MaskAlso if you're finding you are getting a cold face and don't necessarily want to go down the balaclava route then if you use a Respro Anti Fog Mask this can help keep the fog from your visor and keep yourself warmer.

Until next time, stay safe!