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Kids Christmas Part 2

12th December 2018

Hello and welcome to Alex's Blog.

Last week I wrote part 1 on children's motorcycle clothing for road use. This week is part 2 on the children's motorcycle gear gift ideas for Christmas - but this buying guide is all about children's motocross gear - the best deals we have this Christmas.

Just because motocrossing takes place off-road doesn't mean your child needs to be any less safe! You need to make sure that their kit, especially helmets, fit them well for maximum protection. Speaking of helmets that seems as good a place to start as any!

Wulf Cub Flite X Kids Motocross Helmet

The Wulf Cub Flite X Kids Motocross helmet is available in four colours so cater for even the pickiest of children!

Wulf Cub Flite X Kids Black Motocross Helmet
MX Helmet

Wulf Cub Flite X Kids Blue Motocross Helmet
MX Helmet

Wulf Cub Flite X Kids Red Motocross Helmet
MX Helmet

Wulf Cub Flite X Kids Green Motocross Helmet
MX Helmet

This is ultra-lightweight with an adjustable and removable peak. The liner is fully removable and washable and this also has a quick-release micrometric buckle which is very easy to use as well as a handy helmet bag. The eye-catching design has ensured that this is a best seller for us and at only £54.99 you can see why! This is ECER2205 approved and a fantastic helmet.

BKS Kids Goggles

The BKS Kids Goggles, again, come in different colourways to match most colour schemes.

BKS Kids Red Motocross Goggles

BKS Kids Green Motocross Goggles

BKS Kids Orange Motocross Goggles

BKS Kids Blue Motocross Goggles

BKS Kids Yellow Motocross Goggles

BKS Kids White Motocross Goggles

These are lightweight, adjustable and only £16.99! The comfort strap means they can be worn for long periods of time without discomfort and they have extra grip, so they keep put. Small vents prevent fogging and they have a wide aperture for better vision, with less bulky frames than the adult version.

Alpinestars Kids Motocross Clothing

Alpinestars have a long history in making Motocross clothing. Alpinestars is synonymous with quality and if you watch any world championship off-roading you will see all the competitors pretty much head to toe in Alpinestars clothing.

Alpinestars Racer Youth Motocross JerseyThe Alpinestars Racer Youth Motocross Jersey is a premium quality MX jersey with moisture-wicking technology to keep the wearer comfortable in all conditions. This jersey also has perforated mesh inserts, an extended rear and matching trousers.

Alpinestars Racer Youth Motocross PantsThe Alpinestars Racer Youth Motocross Pants have a durable nylon/textle construction along with full grain leather reinforcement panels for added protection. A lightweight ventilated mesh liner gives added comfort when in use and the bright colour scheme makes sure they'll be noticed!

Wulfsport Kids Motocross Armour

Wulfsport Cub Full Deflector Kids Armoured JacketThe Wulfsport Cub Full Deflector kids armoured jacket is fully CE approved keeping you safe in the knowledge that your child will be fully protected. This is also ultra-lightweight with a child-specific fit meaning it fits well and has a full ventilation system to keep your little one comfortable. This has full upper torso protection for the back, chest, shoulders, elbows, arms and kidneys.

Wulfsport Cub Elbow ArmourWulfsport Cub Knee ArmourWe also sell Wulfsport Cub elbow and knee armour, (sold seperately) which we definitely recommend for your child to use whilst off-roading to give you that extra peace of mind and them the added level of protection.

Kids Motocross Boots

BKS Kids Motocross Boots

The BKS MX008 kids' motocross boots are made from full grain leather and have added protection throughout. The sole is ultra-heavy duty to withstand a LOT and these also have a mesh cool inner lining for comfort, ultra-sturdy metal buckle closure system and reinforcement pads for gear changing.

We obviously sell lots of different versions of all of these items listed above, go to the motocross kids' section on our website to check them out, and we have 30 stores nationwide where each store has a kids section.

Until next time, stay safe,