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Kids Competition Results!

9th June 2020

J&S Design a Helmet Competition

Hello and welcome to Alex's Blog, at the start of lockdown we set a competition for our younger followers to help them pass the time. We also offered a prize for the best entry - a Frank Thomas FT36Y Comix Ninja helmet!

Frank Thomas FT36Y Comix childrens full face motorcycle helmet
Frank Thomas FT36Y Comix childrens full face motorcycle helmet

We originally got the idea to set some colouring in as a bit of "home-schooling" due to all the schools being closed. We then thought we'd make it a bit more fun, with a bit more of an incentive so offered a prize for the best entry. 

The decision to choose the best one has been VERY hard. As you can see the different designs are fantastic - and very niche - lots of lockdown NHS designs, even one with the Covid-19 virus on!  This gallery is certainly one to look back on as it is very "of its time". Here are the entries - and please forgive us if any are missing and let us know as we can always add to the gallery after but please be assured we have seen them all in our decision making process. 

Now to the important part.....the winner!!! As I said, this really was a tough choice and we had many exchanges over who we thought should be the winner - but this one has won for the originality, brightness and overall detail and design. The winner is........drum roll.................. Charlie Day age 7!

Charlie Day age 7

Charlie - congratulations and well done!! We will be in touch to give you your prize very soon.

For those who didn't win thank you very much for entering - I can guarantee you this was a very close run contest and your entries really did brighten our days at the start of lockdown. This is definitely not the last of competitions like this so please keep checking on our social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) for details of more competitions coming up in the future!

Also for any budding helmet designers out there please keep sending us your helmet ideas, who knows? One of them may make it in to one of our collections and if it does you'll get one free!

Until next time, stay safe,