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Leeds Store Expansion

10th July 2019

Leeds J&S store next to Get Geared
How it was.......

Hello and welcome to Alex's Blog. We have 30 stores nationwide, all of which are worth a visit, but there is even more reason to visit our Leeds store now....its doubled in size!! (Literally!) No we haven't moved.....let me explain.......

For anyone who has ever frequented our Leeds store before they will know that our store was directly next door to Get Geared, one of our main competitors. Get Geared actually had a larger store than our Leeds store with their site measuring 4991 square feet. Our store measured 4843 square feet.

Inside our Leeds store before
Inside our Leeds store before....

Get Geared decided to vacate their premises so this provided the perfect opportunity for us to extend our already large store to more than double the size to 9834 square feet!

The old Get Geared store
The old Get Geared store

As soon as next door was vacated we started the task of creating a walkway through to the new space before we fill it with loads of extra stock! In came the builders and took away 5 metres of wall (reinforcing it as they went) to create a spacious walk-through.

The start of the walk-through
The start....

From the get Geared side
From the other side...

NEarly done
Nearly done...

Getting there
Getting there....


The building work was extremely hard to do without closing the store and making a massive mess so our fantastic builders (and lots of hardworking J&S staff!) worked through the night to make this possible and managed to do a great job with very little fuss or mess and without disturbing our customers. We're nice like that.

NEw space
A big space to fill

It wasn't only our Leeds store that was a hive of activity ready for double the space, here at J&S HQ the team have been sorting new stock and our warehouse have been picking away getting extra motorcycle clothing and accessories ready to fill the extra space up!

Helmets in waiting....
Helmets in waiting....

Also, our graphic designer Steve the Dream (TM) has been designing graphics for inside and a new sign for outside the building to replace the Get Geared sign so everyone will know we have doubled in size! This has been installed today and I'm sure you'll agree that this is looking good!

New Signage
New signage

Now the walkway has been sorted and the signage outside is up our Leeds store staff, plus our hardworking area managers, have the MAMMOTH task of actually filling the empty space with racks/wall mounts/helmet cubes and then LOADS of stock!!

The hard workers
Working hard

Manager Martin enjoying the toil!
Leeds manager Martin enjoying the toil!

As the space is so large this isn't going to be done in a day, especially with customers to serve 7 days a week!

A lot of work to do
A LOT of work to do...

So keep your eyes peeled for the part 2 of this blog to see the transformation! More coming soon....

Until next time, stay safe,