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Macmillan Cake Challenge 2018

10th October 2018

J&S Cake Challenge in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support

Hello and welcome to Alex's Blog! This week I wanted to talk about the J&S Cake Challenge in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.

Homemade ShortbreadOn Friday the 28th of September was the Macmillan Cancer Support World's Biggest Coffee Morning. Here at J&S we really do try to support this cause every year but obviously as our shops aren't really set up like a tea room and I can't lie, bikers aren't renowned for their baking skills, so we decided to do things a little differently this year! Homemade Chocolate Cake
Don't get me wrong, a few of our stores made some cakes for our customers to buy (and donate!) but this year we wanted to do something more.
We have been working on our YouTube channel very recently, to improve it, but also to include content that will be more useful to our customers. We want to impart the knowledge all of our staff in our 30 stores nationwide have and are trying to create useful videos.

There is a lot of knowledge and experience at our disposal and we want to use this to help all bikers, whether you're a newbie or an old hand. We are working towards a varied channel with something for everyone!

With this in mind, Macmillan Cancer Support is a fantastic charity and instead of offering burnt cakes in most stores by our below-par bakers (sorry guys, but you know it's true) we tried to raise awareness online with the J&S Cake Challenge! We thought that we may not be the best bakers here at J&S (although we are the best bikers!) but we ARE the best eaters. We can eat, eat, eat! So why not challenge all of our stores to a cake-off? Who can eat 6 Mr Kipling Chocolate Slices the quickest?

J&S Cake Challenge in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support

We chose Mr Kipling Chocolate Slices as they are a well-known brand, available everywhere, so each of our stores who partook could buy them locally. We also chose the chocolate version as these seemed to be the most popular flavour with our staff but also because they are also quite difficult to eat in one go!

We set the rules that they had to eat 6 in one go and have a clear mouth in order to have officially finished. They were allowed a drink and the rest was up to them! We actually have each separate challenge from each store that took part in the challenge on our YouTube channel, but we did a chart (sped up!) See how the stores got on here:

Each participant donated to Macmillan Cancer support AND each video has the link to donate yourself and we hope we raised awareness as well as a few laughs! If you want to donate to Macmillan Cancer Support, you can donate here.

The competitiveness between our stores upon releasing this chart was palpable so watch this space for future charity videos like this - it definitely brought out the competitive spirit in certain staff members and also seems to be less of a public health hazard than an arm of terrible biker bakers releasing their baked "goods" on the world!

Until next time, stay safe,


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