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Meet the 2018 Sponsored Riders

20th May 2018

Meet the Riders Q&A

Hello and welcome to Alex's Blog. As you may already know, here at J&S Accessories Ltd we sponsor several riders. If you didn't already know that we sponsored riders, then you may want to check out my previous blogs here and here for more information about who they are and where they ride etc.

On May 4th we held a meet & greet at our Oakmere store, so people could meet our sponsored riders and also, we did a Q&A with them.

As our Oakmere store is only around the corner from Oulton park and as most of our sponsored riders were there anyway we thought we would kill two birds with one stone! We will definitely be holding events like this again where you can win prizes and tickets to the BSB so watch this space. Thanks to all who came and for those who didn't here are some photos of the event:

ALSO, on this blog I have some exclusive backstage access shots to show you from Oulton Park to see what its really like for our racers. The blood, sweat and tears that go in to being a racer and the dedication of the teams. We sent our J&S mole to Oulton Park on the Sunday before the Bank Holiday Monday racing for exclusive shots from the rider's perspective.

First off lets look at the meet and greet. This is the first time we have held an event like this with our sponsored riders, as we are relatively new to this sponsoring lark, but a good time was had by all and it is definitely something we will be repeating.

J&S Accessories Oakmere Store
All set up the night before ready for our riders.

Gino Rea and Billy McConnell Suits
Gino Rea and Billy McConnell's suits on display.

Gino Rea Suit Valentino Rossi Race Suit
A closer look at Gino Rea's suit and the Valetino Rossi race suit....spoiler....this is still at our Oakmere store. I'd definitely advise coming and having a look.

Harry Truelove and Taylor Fox Moreton

Harry Truelove and Taylor Moreton looking thoroughly chuffed to be here - this must have been before their Q&A with Christian. You can see this on our YouTube channel here.

Ryan Farrell
Ryan Farrell looking very pleased for someone who has just broken their ankle. Big things are coming to Ryan and we wish you a speedy recovery. You can see his Q&S here.

Bradley Ray and Friends
Bradley Ray and and his friends kindly cycled to see us even though they are not J&S sponsored - thank you very much for turning up. You can see Bradley's Q&A here.

Gino Rea
Gino Rea gave a great Q&A with Christian to see that click here.

Billy McConnell
Billy McConnell looking very pleased to be at J&S. You can see his Q&A here.

David Allingham and Ross Twyman

David Allingham and Ross Twyman looking super excited to be here. We were super excited to see you too. Their Q&A is here.

Jamie Perrin and Joe Francis
Jamie Perrin and Joe Francis also graced us with their presence and their Q&A is here.

VIP backstage access shots from Oulton Park

Billy McConnell looking pensive
Billy McConnell looking pensively at his bike. Obviously getting himself in to the zone for racing the next day. It obviously worked.

Bradley helping Billy
A little-known fact about Billy McConnell is that he can't dress himself and that Bradley Ray dresses him at every race meet.

Gino Rea's race team hard at work
Gino Rea's race team hard at work.

Gino heading out of the pit
Gino heading out of the pit.

Shane “Shakey” Byrne's bike
An exclusive peek at Shane "Shakey" Byrne's bike.

Luke Mossey and his steed
Luke Mossey and his steed.

Luke Mossey's bike beign prepped
Luke Mossey's bike beign prepped.

Billy McConnell and the front of his Frank Thomas suit Billy McConnell and the back of his Frank Thomas suit
Billy McConnell looking proud of his Frank Thomas suit - so proud he showed it twice!

Joe Collier getting ready for a blast
Joe Collier getting ready for a blast.

Joe Collier getting prepared
Joe Collier getting prepared.

Andy Reid's race team getting the bike ready
Andy Reid's race team getting the bike ready.

Andy Reid's BKS race suit
Andy Reid's BKS race suit.

A jovial Andy Reid in his BKS suit.

Ross Twyman getting prepared
Ross Twyman getting prepared.

Ross Twyman psyching himself up
Ross Twyman psyching himself up.

Joe collier no pressure
No signs of any pressure getting to Joe Collier here.

David Allingham getting serious
David Allingham getting serious.

David Allingham shining his helmet
David Allingham shining his helmet - looking good in his Frank Thomas suit.

A relaxed Andy Reid
A relaxed Andy Reid.

Thats it for now.

Until next time, stay safe,