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Motorcycle Boots 2016

8th March 2016


Hello and welcome to Alex's Blog! Before I start I just want to mention the Jonathan Rea race win in the World Superbikes at Phillip Island. The Kawasaki Race Team there getting off to a great start!

As you may already know J&S Accessories Ltd are official Kawasaki dealers at our Oakmere and Doncaster stores, and as it's a Kawasaki Race Team win, and we're part of the Kawasaki team, we'd just like to say that although we are a very distant part of the Kawasaki team, we are still a part nevertheless. So we would like to say well done. And you're welcome.

So we've done helmets, we've done what gear to wear in the cold, we've done protecting your gear and how to care for it so this week I'm going to be talking about boots!

Boots are often ignored by new bikers as something to buy last and are often seen as not as important as a helmet, gloves and jacket etc. If riders who just wear normal boots or shoes had seen some of the injuries we have seen over the years they would see boots are just as important as other protective gear. Motorcycle boots have added protection for a reason. You don't have to break the bank to make sure you're protected but you can go as premium or as budget as you want but I will highlight the best budget and premium boots in each department to give you just a little guidance on boots in general with a little help from Chris at our Oakmere store who has over twenty years of experience.

Sports boots


Alpinestars SMX 6 WP Boots – £189.99 – These are a sports fit boot but with touring luxuries such as a 100% waterproof membrane, wide fitting for added comfort, sports toe sliders, gear change reinforcement and added protection throughout. These are not only lightweight and durable but are suitable for all seasons. A fantastic boot. Available in men's and ladies sizes.


Frank Thomas PS022 Track Boots – these are £79.99 which is a great price for how much boot you get. These are a sports boot with cool perforated leather upper, adjustable calf fitting for added comfort and protection, replaceable toe sliders, added protection throughout and sports styling. These are a great boot for under £80. Available in men's and ladies sizes.



Daytona Roadstar Gore-Tex boot £329.99. The price may seem a little high for these boots if you've never owned a pair of Daytona Gore-Tex boots before – if you have you will know this is incredibly reasonable. These keep you 100% dry. They are breathable and waterproof, are extremely comfortable with a wide footbed, double zip fastening system for ease of entry and exit and are handmade in Germany. These truly are a premium quality boot and will last a very long time so they are worth the £329.99 investment.


BKS 1022 Thunder Boot - £99.99 – These are a fantastic versatile touring boot with elasticated calf panels for ease of movement and variable fit, gear change reinforcement, smooth suede finish on inside to protect your bike and these are 100% waterproof.



Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex Boot - £349.99 – these feature a 100% waterproof but breathable Gore-Tex membrane meaning your feet will be dry in all conditions – these have a robust commando sole and multi adjustable ratchet clip fastening straps for the perfect fit. Not only are these highly durable but they're also lightweight. A fantastic boot for movement AND protection.


Oneal Rider MX Boots - £114.99 These offer a lot of features of their much more expensive counterparts. These have multiple adjustable ratchet straps, metal toe guard, ergonomic PU support/protectors, a solid smooth grip sole and comfort lining. A great boot for the price.

Short boots


Alpinestars SMX-2 Boots £119.99 – short, lightweight but packed with added protection these are an ideal shorter boot for summer months or for more casual riding. These offer a huge amount of protection so you can be safe in the knowledge that even though you're in a shorter boot you still have guaranteed protection.


Frank Thomas K-01 Charger boots £34.99 – these are ultra-lightweight but with added grip and feel so are ideal for casual summer riding. They look like trainers but offer protection where you need it and are only £34.99. An ideal summer spare boot.

Obviously we have hundreds of other boots and styles available and this is just a recommendation from one of our boot experts in store, and there are a lot more boots that deserve a mention, but hopefully this can be used as a bit of a guide if you're unsure between styles/boots. A kickstart ,if you will, for you to find the perfect pair of boots. One things for sure – if you are looking for boots J&S Accessories Ltd is the place to come! Either online with a vast array of styles or at one of our 26 stores nationwide. At J&S we display our boots in pairs to make it easier for you to try on and every store is jam packed full of loads of different styles and brands so variety is guaranteed, you're certain to find the best pair of motorcycle boots for you.

Until next time!


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