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Motorcycle Technology

17th February 2016


Welcome to Alex's blog! This week's blog is focusing on technology and motorcycles. We're in a technologically advanced age and the motorcycle accessory world is no different! This week I will take a look at the products we have in stock that are technologically advanced and show you how these motorcycle accessories with clever technology can add to your riding experience – even for technophobes!

First off a new trend in biking is LED lights on kit. The Shark Skwal Motorcycle helmet is the perfect example. These look like your normal unassuming motorcycle helmet by day but by night you can turn on the LED lights to increase your visibility. You can also choose the pattern in which it lights up – it can be a steady stream or a set of flashes – whatever you like! Whilst some people see this flashing technology as being comparable to a Christmas tree you cannot deny the safety aspects of this. Also this is more subtle and tasteful than you'd think and this has been a very big seller for us.

Keeping on the light up theme the IXS Saratov LED textile motorcycle jacket is a 100% waterproof jacket offering thermal and wind protection – this can be ordered in to our stores from IXS. This has all the advantages of the IXS Saratov normal jacket but with an LED lighting system around the jacket to increase your night visibility. This, once again, is tastefully done but is just another way as a biker to decrease your vulnerability.

Another area which has improved drastically in recent years is heated clothing and heated items. We sell heated grips  for every bike imaginable – which are heated through your bike and adjustable to a temperature which suits you. These are easy to fit and easy to use. Ideal for every single biker in the British weather – as let's face it – even in our summer these can sometimes come in handy! We also sell a heated seat to stop you getting cold on your derriere in cold weather. Again, a universal fit that is very easy to use.

Heated clothing is more popular than ever before and we, at J&S Accessories Ltd, sell a range. You have the RST Paragon heated gloves We also sell other brands with a huge choice of heated gloves meaning you can power them from a battery pack or direct from your battery, whatever your heart desires! The technology behind these items means they are now reliable, safe to use and easy to use as well and more importantly keep you warm! It's not just your hands that we can keep warm either! The Oxford Products Carbon Heated Vest  is powered by a battery and keeps you toasty warm easily and quickly. It's that simple. This is efficient and effective with hardly any effort. We also sell other vests as well.

Now on to another area of technology on the bike! Rider communication! Gone are the days of pillions having to bellow directions at 70 mph with the map blowing out of your hands down the side of a mountain. Now there are a few things you can take advantage of to make your riding experience that little easier and that little more pleasant. First off rider intercom systems! These are no longer crackling walkie talkie systems that keep cutting out. In particular, the Scala Rider systems are highly reliable, very easy to use and more importantly clear as a bell! These are so versatile you can listen to music, connect them to Bluetooth on your phone for directions, make calls, all with a slim line speaker system in your helmet – it's so thin it's like it's not even there!

But it doesn't stop there – depending on which Scala rider system you buy it can pair up with other biker's systems – ideal for ride out communications – so long gone are the days of waiting at roundabouts or arranging meet up points if any of your group go missing! Although I am afraid now you can hear your pillion extremely well. At all times. Although you can choose to turn this off if you want. If you do have any questions on these every single one of our stores have Scala Rider experts who can advise and show you how these sophisticated systems work no problem at all.

Another vast technological advancement for the advantage of all bikers is the invention and progression of Sat Navs. Hallelujah!  We sell Tom Tom Navigational systems which are lightweight, easy to use, reliable and mean you won't be riding around in the dark around the same roads for 4 hours straight. These will get you to where you want to go but they can also choose the best routes for you to get the best out of your bike. These are easy to use and reliable. They also pack away easily too.

Cameras on bikes are big nowadays. Vloggers tend to use them but the number of regular non-vlogging bikers using them every day has gone up tenfold as insurance companies have started giving discounts to people who volunteer to film themselves riding – and now that cameras aren't big clunky things but small, lightweight little things that you can easily mount on your helmet and not realise is there and then upload your footage on to your computer very easily – this is making them every more popular!  We sell Drift Cameras and all the accessories to go with these to make these suit you – some people like to mount the camera on their handlebars, some on their shoulders etc. – whichever way you like we sell the means to do this. These are extremely easy to use and most importantly can be very FUN.

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