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New Year Sale 2018

5th January 2018

Happy New Year from all at J&S

Hello and welcome to Alex's Blog. I want to just take this opportunity to wish you all a happy new year from all of us at J&S Accessories Ltd - I hope 2018 is a great year for you all.

Let's start the new year as I think we'd all like to carry on.....with a prize announcement! We ran a Facebook competition voting which of our stores had the best Christmas decorations. The winner of the best decorations, quite resoundingly, was our LEICESTER branch (congratulations to ALL the staff there and commiserations to all of our stores who didn't win. However one lucky voter has won a £50 J&S Accessories Ltd Gift Voucher and that lucky person is........ drum roll........Phil Iliffe! Come on down! Thanks to everyone that entered, and we will be running lots more competitions this year so keep your eyes peeled on our social media.

In other news we have a January sale on with over 800 items reduced!

January Sale

With the new year in mind lots of people tend to make resolutions for the new year It got me thinking about what new year's biking resolutions you could make. Here are some you may want to use:

  • Using your bike more. A lot of bikers are fair weather bikers, as soon as the sun comes out they have their fun, but we're in the UK and that tends to limit the number of glorious days out there. You can still have fun on the bike on the more dreary days. You may need rainwear or some heated clothing - but you're reading the right blog for that!
  • Be safer on the bike. This could mean you taking an advanced rider course, just to make sure you're on top of your game, or it could extend to making sure you're more visible or that your kit is all up to scratch. It's definitely worth a check and if you're not sure you can speak to any of our sales advisors in our 30 stores nationwide.
  • Be more adventurous. This could mean going out on more rides where you don't usually go, going on biking holidays to another country or even just exploring around where you live. If you get lost you can always find your way home, or a lot of great new routes in this country or abroad on a sat-nav.
  • Take better care of your bike. Whether this means cleaning it more often (let's be honest we are all probably guilty of not cleaning it enough) looking after it when its not in use with either a battery charger or a cover or even if it's making sure you keep it regularly serviced, this is definitely a good resolution to keep to for your safety and for the welfare of your bike!
  • Use the bike to commute more. This may not apply to you but if you can get away with using the bike for work then you may be saving yourself a lot of time stuck in traffic queues - as well as saving money on car parking and petrol. Food for thought. We also sell great commuter smart style jackets which are ideal for this such as the Frank Thomas City jacket.
  • More track days. A lot of bikers I know have grown less fond of riding on Britain's overcrowded roads and have taken to traffic-free track days. You will obviously need to make sure your bike is up to standard for this and also your kit. We sell plenty of leather suits as well as the rest of the kit you'd need/want/lust over.
  • New year new bike? It may be the year to get that new bike you've got your eye on. It doesn't have to be a brand-new bike, it could be a second-hand bike you've got your eye on, but it'll be new to you. We sell bikes and we even part exchange. Why not take a look?

Until next time, stay safe