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ONeal 3SRS Triz

24th August 2020

Oneal 3SRS Triz MX Side view

The Oneal 3SRS Triz is the latest offering from the ONeal "Series" motocross helmet range, but has it evolved and improved? Let's have a look:


Made from an ultra-lightweight but highly durable ABS shell, the Oneal 3 SRS Triz has ECE and Dot approval all in one shell. Being an off-road helmet, the Triz will withstand lots of rigorous activity (you'd like to hope!) so the double D ring closure system ensures it stays put. Additionally, the Oneal 3SRS endures many quality checks in production to ensure you get the best product available.

Oneal 3SRS Triz MX helmet Right


Aggressively styled, the Oneal 3SRS Triz has sharp angles and graphics to enhance the angular shell. The Triz comes in a gloss finish with sharp-looking graphics in various shades of black and grey. It's a very effective paint job but also quite subtle. The ventilation system is incorporated into this design well for an altogether sporty looking aesthetic and doesn't ruin the overall effect.


The Oneal 3SRS Triz is designed for comfort with multiple vents for supreme ventilation and airflow as well as a CoolMax liner to keep you comfortable in all conditions. The liner is also removable and washable to keep you fresh. A lightweight shell reduces neck fatigue and the visor is adjustable and lightweight too.

Oneal 3SRS Triz MX helmet Rear


Packed full of practical features, the ONeal 3SRS Triz MX helmet is designed for comfort with multiple vents and a CoolMax liner, but this is also highly practical for a motocross helmet. Renowned for rigorous activity, off-roading makes you very hot! The Oneal 3SRS Triz keeps you as cool as possible with the comprehensive ventilation system and is ultra-lightweight to keep you comfortable for longer. This is well-thought-out with the option to attach a hydration hose (available separately) and a Go-Pro mount also available. The peak is adjustable and the lining is removable and washable.


Due to the comprehensive ventilation system, this isn't a helmet that is ideal for downpours. Saying that, rain doesn't impede your vision thanks to the large peak, but it could get in - but that's par for the course in the UK. The vents do keep you cool and fresh so that's the price you pay! This is a great looking helmet but its not exactly revolutionary with its aesthetic. If you're looking for something different then this isn't the helmet for you. The colourway is muted and the shell is very typical of off-road helmets out today. Also if you're looking for a dual-purpose helmet this helmet isn't for you. This is a fantastic motocross helmet but is not a dual adventure tourer helmet. This is very much geared towards motocross.

Oneal 3SRS Triz MX helmet Left



A great off-road helmet. Lightweight, good looking, easy to clean and with an absolutely fantastic (one of the most comprehensive we've seen) ventilation system! This will keep you feeling cool and fresh with the airflow. Reduced from £149.99 to under £90 you're getting yourself a true bargain!

Until next time, stay safe,