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Richa Toulon Motorcycle Jacket

21st November 2019

Richa Toulon Leather motorcycle jacket yellow
Richa Toulon yellow leather jacket

The Richa Toulon hooded leather jacket is a motorcycle jacket with a fashionable casual styling and a hood.

So what does the Richa Toulon leather motorcycle jacket have to offer? Lets have a look:

Casual styling

Available from J&S Accessories Ltd in three colours, (Red, Black and Yellow) the Richa Toulon motorcycle jacket can be worn on or off the bike easily. The casual hoodie design means that this doesn't look out of place off the bike and comes with a zip-off hood - easily removable if you think you'll be going at higher speeds. The leather jacket design is retro with a vintage styling on the leather, plus the armour is removable so this really does transition easily from the bike to the street. The zips are an antique brass colourway to add to the vintage styling.


Just because this jacket translates easily from being a motorcycle jacket to a fashionable jacket, this doesn't mean that the Richa Toulon is any less safe. The safety of this jacket was not compromised for style. D30 CE approved inserts at the shoulders, elbows and back provide premium protection and double stitching throughout gives superior impact protection along side the premium leather outer, the Toulon jacket offers exceptional abrasion resistance.

Richa Toulon Leather Motorcycle Jacket Red
Richa Toulon red leather jacket


As well as being safe and fashionable, the Richa Toulon is also extremely comfortable! This has a comfortable cotton lining along with a zip-off polycotton hood and soft Neoprene collar with press button closure. This also features adjustability at the waist and cuffs to give the perfect fit. The fit on the Richa Toulon jacket is outstanding. All of J&S HQ had a good try on before we bought this and agreed it fit exceptionally well - our customers seem to agree as this is a great seller in all of our 30 stores nationwide!


So we've discovered the Richa Toulon leather motorcycle jacket is safe, comfortable and fashionable but does it offer anything else? It also has a lot of practical features which are very handy in a motorcycle jacket such as a short connection zip at the back to connect to jeans, as well as an inside pocket with Velcro closure, 2 outer side pockets and one Napoleon pocket. The hood zipping off is also a great practical feature to avoid it flapping around at the back of your helmet, or having to push it down your back and making you uncomfortable. The white pull ties are above the zip-off point so come off when the hood does too so don't flap about in the way of your vision. The zips also have handy pulls on them which are easy to use whilst wearing gloves.

Richa Toulon Leather Motorcycle Jacket Black
Richa Toulon black leather jacket


The styling isn't for everyone. This is a Marmite jacket. You either love it or hate it. The hood isn't for everyone either - we've had customers who have loved the jacket but hate the hood! So they have bought the jacket and thrown the hood away! Also this jacket is a bit deceptive. The material hood deceives you in to thinking this has a whole hoodie in - it doesn't - so the lining of the jacket is only a cotton lining and not a warm Winter lining. Be prepared for this! Obviously leather does have it's windproof qualities and is warm to an extent but this is not thermal. Aside from that the Richa Toulon leather motorcycle jacket is a fantastic jacket - a best seller for a reason.

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