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Shoei Neotec II

13th March 2019

Shoei's Neotec II Helmet Range

Hello and welcome to Alex's blog.

The Shoei Neotec 2 flip front motorcycle helmet has been a best seller for us here at J&S Accessories Ltd, not only online, but in our 30 stores nationwide.  But does it live up to all the hype? What does it have to offer?

Design Concept

Neotec II Design ConceptShoei state that this helmet offers seamless “flip-up” versatility of a true two-in-one helmet with wind tunnel-tested shell aerodynamics and noise-reduction technology and is designed for seamless integration with SENA SRL communication system.

The helmet also has a convenient flip-down internal sun shield. The Neotec 2 is a next-level modular helmet design for today's hybrid motorcyclists.

Shoei Neotec's seamless integration with the SENA SRL Communication SystemThe Neotec 2 is designed for seamless integration with the SENA SRL Communication System - in fact there are foam recesses which come out to be replaced with the SENA SRL system making the comfort with an intercom second to none. SRL was specially developed for the Neotec II.

The Shoei Neotec 2 motorcycle helmet is P/J homologated (you can read more on this here) but essentially it means you can ride, legally and safely, on the road with the chin bar down in the full face position AND with the chin bar up in the open position.

Shoei Neotec 2 dual locking system

There is an extra "click" which is the all-new dual locking system for riding with the chin bar up to give you the security that it is in the safe position.

The large lock release button facilitates easy handling with gloves and the lightweight chin bar/visor rotate with smooth precision on a variable eccentric-axis, yielding the seamless versatility of a true two-in-one design.

Shoei do say "in order to maximise head protection performance, riding your motorcycle with the face cover in the fully closed position is strongly recommended." Just FYI.

Shoei Neotec II 360 degree pivot locking systemThe Shoei Neotec II has a 360 degree pivot locking system (pictured right) which is road tested and made from premium-quality stainless steel components meaning a safe and secure closure when the chin bar is in the down, locked position.

Shoei boast about the aerodynamics of the Neotec 2. Gone are the days of the clumpy and heavy flip-front helmet, a lot of work has gone in to this shell for maximum aerodynamics.

Shoei Neotec 2 Shell-Integrated SpoilerThis has been wind tunnel-tested for varying riding positions and the shell-integrated spoiler has been reshaped/repositioned (since the Neotec) to further reduce lift and drag.

The top air outlet serves as a spoiler while in an upright riding position which dramatically reduces drag and the newly designed 'Aero Deflector' gives improved chin bar aerodynamics.

Sheoi Neotec 2's Noise IsolationSheoi have also improved the noise reducing qualities of this shell since the Neotec. All-new 'Noise Isolator' cheek pads deflect wind and reduce unwanted noise and along with the new airtight window bead and the chin bar's 'Vortex Generator' lip reduce noise and manage airflow around the helmet. The enhanced shell shape improves noise control and aerodynamics with reduction of unwanted wind and road noise - all refined in Shoei's in-house wind tunnel.

Shoei CNS-3 visorThe Shoei CNS-3 visor has an all-new design giving improved air/water sealing and noise reduction while also protecting from 99% of the sun's damaging UV rays.

3D injection-moulding ensures a distortion-free view throughout the entire field of vision and the new airtight window beading drains/prevents water from entering the helmet for greater comfort and better anti-fog properties.

Pinlock EVO fog-resistant systemThis also comes equipped with the Pinlock EVO fog-resistant system with a wide aperture for greater vision.

Shoei CNS-3 base plate systemThe Shoei CNS-3 base plate system means a smooth and easy visor change along with Shoei's patented spring-loaded technology ensuring a windproof and waterproof seal.

It is extremely simple to operate and means anyone can do it.

The Shoei Neotec 2 modular helmet also has an internal sun visor - lots of helmets do nowadays but this one has a bit of a difference.

Shoei Neotec 2 QSV-1 Internal Sun ShieldFirstly, the built-in QSV-1 sun shield gives riders instant relief from sun glare in one quick motion but the large, easily located switch activates the 3D injection-moulded inner shield in an instant.

It is the PERFECT shade - most bikers will know what I mean when I say this. Not too light, but not too dark. Ideal for blocking the sun's dazzling rays but not distorting your view. This also blocks out 99% of the sun's damaging UV rays.

The forehead area of the outer shell is raised slightly to accommodate the internal sun shield, allowing for the integrity of the helmet's inner EPS liner to remain intact and this exceeds ANSI Z80.3-2010 Standard for non-prescription eyewear.

Another great feature is that the sun visor can be placed in any position - personalised for every rider. This holds firm too - you can feel the quality of the inner visor. No wobbling.

Shoei Neotec 2 Ventilation System The Neotec II has a premium ventilation system with large upper and lower vent shutters for ease of use and personalisation with riding gloves.

Expanded 3-position upper air intake gives increased ventilation performance and the all-new exhaust outlets flank upper air intake give improved hot-air clearing. This has been wind tunnel-optimised for dramatically-improved cool-air intake and hot-air expulsion.

Shoei's Proprietary Multi-Ply Matrix AIM Shell TechnologyThe Shoei Neotec II has a multi-ply Matrix Aim shell with proprietary technology which integrates a five-ply matrix for added durability along with hand-laid interwoven layers of fibreglass with organic fibres and resin.

The shell-integrated spoiler with consistent shell thickness guarantees proper strength and weight according to Shoei. 4 shell sizes mean more comfort for the rider.

Shoei Multi-Piece EPS LinerThe multi-piece EPS liner provides enhanced impact absorption by utilising varying densities of foam and allows cooling air to travel unrestricted through tunnels created in the EPS.

Precise placement of multi-density EPS material yields a more compact, lightweight design.

Micro Ratchet ChinstrapThe micro ratchet chinstrap is easy to use and has Shoei's patented 100% stainless steel interlocking mechanism for quick and smooth closure and opening.

This is comfortable and easily-adjustable.

Shoei's Fully Removable Interior SystemThe interior of the Neotec II is fully removable, washable, replaceable, and adjustable.

Multi-layer cheek pads give comfort and helmet stabilisation and this is three-dimensionally shaped to match the contours of a rider's head.

New 'Noise Isolator' cheek pads deflect wind and reduce unwanted noise.

The helmet comes with a 5 year warranty from Shoei which covers any manufacturing defect (of which we haven't had any back yet!).

Also, even though this is a premium motorcycle helmet the price isn't too steep for what you get and the compatible Pinlocks are competitively priced compared to other brands.

For the glasses wearers amongst you there aren't formal recesses for glasses but saying that, our experience so far of this helmet is that it will take glasses very easily without hindrance.

The only cons that we can think of so far on this helmet is that it would be nicer if it was a little bit lighter.

They have obviously worked on this with the 4 shell sizes and the poly-mix construction, but this isn't the lightest flip-front on the market.

However, we would say that with all the features you do get, along with the premium comfort and versatile features to personalise this to your own head, the Shoei Neotec II is definitely one of the best flip front motorcycle helmets on the market and is worth the money.

Until next time, stay safe,