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Show Us Your Lid Entries

22nd March 2018

Show us your lid competition

Hello and welcome to a bonus Alex's Blog - this is just a little condensed version of the blog to show you just a few of the entries in our Show us your lid competition.

We have had so many amazing entries - keep them coming! The entries for this competition close on April 5th so you've still got plenty of time. These are just a taster of what we've received so far:

Alan Head's really old motorcycle helmet Alan Head has quite possibly sent us the oldest entry so far... I'm also not sure that it is the greatest fit on him.

Alex Groome's AGV signed by Foggy and Guy Martin Alex Groome's entry has not only been signed by Foggy but Guy Martin as well!

Andy Lethbridge's battered open face bike helmet Andy Lethbridge's open face helmet has seen better days.

Andy Slocombe's Arai Haslam replica is now a baby's cot Well what an absolute cutie this is and the baby's pretty cute too! Andy Slocombe's Haslam replica is being used as a pretty unusual cot by baby Grace.

Craig Hayward's custom skull motorbike helmet Craig Hayward's custom painted entry is pretty unusual.

David Hickson's Arai St Geoarge helmet is now a cool planterOne man's tat is another mans treasure and David Hickson instead of throwing his old helmets out, has made good use of them in his garden.

Ian Winterbottom's Arai, Bell and Shoei collection Ian Duemoto Winterbottom seems to have quite the helmet collection...

The remains of James Herbert's Schuberth S2 helmetThis is the remains of a Schuberth S2. James Herbert's KTM Superduke 1290 set on fire whilst he was wearing it. Luckily James sent this through to us so hopefully the damage to him wasn't bad.

Jonathan White's custom helmet Jonathan White's custom panther paint job on his lid.

Josh Hughes' signed Rossi replica Josh Hughes is the envy of the office here, probably most of the stores and most of our customers with his Guy Martin replica signed by the man himself!

Lisa Chorlton's custom helmet A pet portrait of Lisa Chorlton's beloved pet pooch Finley.

Martin Chef Roberts' custom helmet Martin Chef Roberts has customised his lid with three simple stickers which he says make a word?!? We can't for the life of us work out what he means. Ahem.

Mia Steward's colourful sugar skull lid Mia Steward's colourful sugar skull paint job was another lid that caught our eye....

Richard Bradbury's custom helmet ....as was Richard Bradbury's custom paint job done by his brother none less.

Robin Crick's collection of helemts for every ride Robin Crick is spoiled for choice with even an Oscar the Grouch lid!

Sarah Squibb's Baker's dozen of helmets Sarah Squibb is even MORE spoilt for choice!

Stan Brooks X-lite full-face helmet Stan Brooks is the smallest biker we have ever seen. He doesn't even have room for a jacket or trousers. Nice lid though.

Steve Duce's Help For Heroes helmetSteve Duce's helmet also caught our eye. Nice.

Do you have a (motorcycle) helmet that outshines these? Are you screaming at the screen that your helmet should be on here? Show us your lid! Enter the competition now.

Until next time, stay safe,