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Staff Love At First Bike

14th February 2019

Love at First Bike

Hello and welcome to Alex's Blog, as it is Valentine's Day, I thought I would share a few love stories from the staff at J&S. Real love stories that actually matter. Between a biker and their motorcycle. First loves.

Shane at Plymouth - "My first bike was the Gilera RCR 50. (Not my exact one) I purchased this bike from J&S Plymouth back in 2004. This gave me the freedom to ride to work. This bike helped me to understand at a young age why I needed to wear the right motorcycle clothing and to help me sell the kit in work. This bike was a beaut. When I picked up my bike I ‘ran it in' in four days, clocking up 500 miles. It did me well."

Giilera RCR 50

Kurt at Plymouth - "My first bike was a 1983 Honda mtx 125 r. It got me around everywhere to and from college and I did a lot of off-road riding on it. I have had my full bike licence for 2 half years but still have the mtx at home that I'm slowly restoring back to it original factory look. The 1st picture is the condition of bike when I got it and the 2nd picture is most recent picture I have of it."

MTX when Kurt first got it

Kurt's MTX now

Callum at Plymouth: "My first bike love was when I was 17 was a Sach Xroad 125 and it was a loud, angry beast. It was matte black with red frame and black wheels and looked like batman's bike! I saved up and bought it and road it every day from Plymouth to Launceston! The wheelies were beautiful haha. Never let me down ❤"

A Sach Xroad 125

Shane (number 2) at Plymouth: "The Sinnnis Stealth was my first motorbike. It was big for a 125cc, looks like a bandit I liked how big it was for a 125cc also always started on cold or hot days never let me down. It was a good bike to start on gave me a love and ambition to get a bigger cc motorcycle."

A Sinnis Stealth

Chris at Northwich: "This was my first bike a Yamaha RD 350 LC YPVS and I bought it brand new from Derek Johnson Motorcycles in Manchester for £1,565 (from Christian's uncle) It was my pride and joy. I had it a total of 6 weeks and then a car pulled out on me and I wrote it off. Heartbroken doesn't even describe it. With that money I then bought a GPZ600 R from NA motorcycles on Knutsford Road in Warrington and I had it 6 weeks, fell off on the corner outside the Church Inn in Mobberley and wrote it off.”

Chris' Yamaha RD 350 LC YPVS

Chris' GPZ 600 R

Dave at our Bristol store says "Here is me and my two younger brothers (I'm sat on it) in 1979 on my first bike, a Fantic Caballero 50cc 1978 model, I was 16 at the time, look at those flares! I was the first of my circle of friends to get a bike, I managed to keep the bike for a whole year but managed to crash it on a regular basis. I always seemed to be recovering from “road rash” or getting my mum to repair another pair of jeans! I still ride to this day, and have graduated on to a kawasaki 1200 now, but still remember that FIRST BIKE."

Dave's Fantic Caballero 50cc in 1978

Russ at Bristol says: "My 1st geared bike was a 1998 Derbi Senda R , I was 17 when I came across it. I knew of the bike long before buying it, it was in pieces mostly in boxes and had not been on the road for several years. The guy that owned it never wanted to sell it but one day I was in the pub and the owner came to me and said he was in a bit of money trouble and would now sell it to me. I gave him £100 taking a chance and collected the next day. I spent the afternoon re-building it and the following day getting it to an MOT centre where it passed with flying colours. Around 18 months of owning and daily riding with no issues what so ever I had a crash and bent the frame, the front wheel was touching the exhaust and the handle bars bent right back. I walked away with a broken wrist, concussion and multiple cuts and scrapes. It was without a doubt the best bike I ever owned and unfortunately very rare to find these days."

Russ' 1998 Derbi Senda R

Sean at Bristol says: My first bike was a Gilera GSM 50SM, I'll Start off with being honest, I never had any intentions of getting a bike as I wanted to wait another year for a car but I was dragged out of bed one morning and was told a bike would help me find work. Turns out I loved the bike and had a lot of fun with it, plenty of off-roading in places I probably shouldn't have been (not endorsed by J&S!) as well as getting up to other mischief, little bike meets in car parks with stunt “attempts”. However, being Italian I did push it home a few times in the rain but it taught me about maintaining and repairing of a motorbike. Since I enjoyed my first bike so much, I actually got my full bike licence before my driving licence. Oh, and I did find a job 7 miles from home, so the bike made it a lot easier."

Sean's Gilera GSM 50SM

Lenny at Eltham says "This wasn't my first bike (cameras weren't invented then) but the Honda 750 F1 was an awesome bike. The first day I got it out of the showroom at Parks of Lewisham in Catford I rode all the way to Wales on it. Good times. The Bay City Rollers also offered to buy my flares off me, but I told them to get lost!"

Lenny's 1979 Honda 750 F1

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