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Staff Rides

19th April 2016

With our illustrious Alex taking a few weeks of well earned rest, our blog this week showcases some of our dedicated retail therapy facilitators and their bikes.

Ladies first....here's our Store Manager Emma from our Hanger Lane Branch

Honda VFR400R NC30, 1994

"Being an ex- track bike, there were numerous problems with it. You name it, the VFR had them. So, almost a year on, everything has been rebuilt, cleaned, balanced and restored with a lot of love and effort! It even has two sets of fairings for special occasions! I'm looking to get the bike out of retirement and pick up a fair few track days this year and use one of my other bikes for commuting. The VFR is too nice to spoil and to be honest, it gets a bit toasty filtering through central London everyday."

[caption id="attachment_137" align="alignnone" width="300"]Emma from J&S Hanger Lane - Honda 400 Honda VFR 400 NC30[/caption]

Staying with the Hondas, next up is Sam from our Leicester Store

Honda Revere NTV 600 K, 1990

"My Revere has been in the family since new after originally been purchased by my father. After being ordered in 1989, my father took delivery of the bike in 1990 after having a full after-market Touring PowerBronze fairing and K2 Krauser Touring Panniers fitted by Honda. In 2000, after moving to Leicester in 1995, the Revere was taken off the road and was kept hidden away buried for 15 years until July last year when I dug the bike out to get it up and running. 

The Revere had only 18830 miles on the clock which surprised me.  It had full fluid service, tank purge, new fuel lines, new tyres, carb strip and rebalance and was good to go. The only additions are a Delkevic exhaust which makes it sound like a “baby Ducati” and a Sat Nav power mount. 6000 miles later the bike still runs like a dream and is unique as not many at all that look like it or in its condition and is still in the family 26 years later."

[caption id="attachment_138" align="alignnone" width="300"]Sam from J&S Leicester - Honda Revere Honda Revere NTV 600 K 1990[/caption]

Sam's Honda Revere outside our Leicester Store

Side view of Sam's Honda Revere NTV 600 K 1990

Finally for this week, we hear from Gary, our Store Manager in Leicester.

Yamaha R1 2002 5PW

"Had the bike for 5 years having moved up the ranks from a Kawasaki ZX6-R. Has all the toys having been modified over the years, Akrapovic exhaust, power commander, K&N filter, Ohlins steering damper, Translogic quickshifter & a set up by RJS Superbike at Mallory Park! The result.....145bhp & reduced weight from standard! Wheelies off the throttle in first 3 gears & handles like an early 2000's 600cc sports bike. Will most likely have until the body says no more sports bikes!"

[caption id="attachment_142" align="alignnone" width="300"]Gary from J&S Leicester - Yamaha R1 2002 5PW Yamaha R1 2002 5PW[/caption]

Gary's Yamaha R1 outside our Leicester store

Gary's Yamaha R1 inside our Leicester store

So, now that we've shown you some of ours, it's your turn to show us yours! If you want to share details and photos of your bike, please send us a short paragraph and some pictures to enquiries@jsaccessories.co.uk with the subject line of 'My Bike' and we'll look to include your bike in one our our blogs in the future.

Next week we have details of more bikes from our staff and also details of  a new project being undertaken by Adrian, the Store Manager at our mega-store in Oakmere, featuring a Yamaha RD250F Air-Cooled Twin (1979).

Until next week!