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Summer Gloves 2016

13th April 2016

Hi there and welcome to Alex's Blog! A few weeks ago I did a guide on measuring gloves, so this week I am going to focus on a quick guide to summer gloves, some that have been highlighted by our sales team as a great buy.

Firstly though, for those of you who missed my blog on glove measuring (shame on you) here is just a quick recap:

How to measure your hand for motocycle gloves
All you need to do is measure across your palm in centimetres to come up with your glove size. It's as simple as that! Just hold your hand with the palm facing up and measure, in centimetres, from the side where your thumb starts (but don't include your thumb) across to the side of your little finger, in a straight line across (not around) your palm. It's as simple as that. I have attached a table for you to see which number translates to which size so you will find it easier to navigate from brand to brand (some show numbers, some sizes) and a handy illustration to show you which part of your palm to measure.

Glove size chart


On to glove recommendations! I am concentrating on summer gloves as the season is almost upon us and I am an optimist about the British climate!

Firstly, Gino, at our Northwich store wears and highly recommends the Alpinestars Spartan Motorcycle gloves. These are a street riding glove in a short style cuff with reinforcements in key areas and are extremely comfortable and offer ventilation for a really comfortable ride and at £39.99 they are a real bargain!

Another summer glove that Adrian at our Northwich store recommends is the Frank Thomas WP Alpha Gloves. At £79.99 these are a 100% waterproof glove (he is less optimistic about the British climate than me!) with a leather construction and ultra-durable Goatskin at the palm but with Coolmax lining making these a great summer glove.  These offer more of a racing style and offer a lot of protection.

Next up is the Frank Thomas FT 4 Omega motorcycle gloves. These are a very reasonable £49.99 and are a leather and textile mix giving you the best of both worlds, with a short styling and ventilation as well as the added durability of armour and goatskin protection these are fabulous summer gloves. These also come in four different colourways.

The BKS Fury leather motorcycle glove is a leather race glove at a great price of only £59.99 (reduced from £69.99) this has a longer race styling and offers added protection in key areas, perforation, full leather construction and adjustability for the perfect fit. This also comes in a choice of colours.

Another race glove with a longer styling that you may like is the Alpinestars GP Pro glove. These are the Rolls Royce of motorcycle gloves and for racers in particular. These offer an unprecedented level of protection as well as ventilation, a great grip and feel plus lots of other treats for the summer rider. These are more expensive at £169.99 but they really are a fantastic glove. These also come in other colours.

Finally, the Alpinestars SP M8 Monster Energy glove is one for you Monster fans out there This offers plenty of ventilation along with a full grain leather construction, added protection, ergonomic reinforcements and obviously the Monster branding. This is also a great summer glove for those not in to the short styling.

All of the above are available at our stores and also on our online store.

For the next two weeks I will be in Las Vegas (oh its a hard life!) so I will leave you in  the capable hands of some guest bloggers. But until then, see you next time!