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The Biker Sisters Podcast

23rd July 2019

Biker Sister Podcast

Hello and welcome to Alex's Blog,

This week I have something a little different for you. I had the opportunity of meeting Jan from the Biker Sisters Podcast at our Oakmere store when she was there to support (and interview) the Women Riders World Relay event we held.

I thought this would be a fantastic idea for a blog as here are two (they won't mind me saying this) non-teenage ladies who are in to biking and have created a podcast for like-minded riders. Amazing! I also wanted to get this fantastic podcast more support from the biking community so hopefully they will gain more listeners (and interviewees) from this blog!

Please tell us about yourselves: We are two sisters who both love riding motorcycles

How did the Bikersisters podcast come about? Jan listens to a lot of podcasts, but could only find one dedicated to women and biking - and that one seemed quite specialist and didn't speak to the ordinary women bikers we know and are ourselves. So Jan suggested we have a go and Cath agreed!

How long have you been biking and how did you get in to it? Cath has been riding for 10 years and Jan got her CBT last August (because Cath made her!)

What bikes do you have? We both have little YBR 125s.

What is your dream bike? One with Charlie Hunnam on it (Jax Teller, Sons of Anarchy) for Cath and Jan changers her mind every week....

Do you have a motorcycling hero? And if so, who? We love meeting other women bikers and hearing their stories - so they are our heroes! But if we had to name one hero it would be Claire Lomas who uses Velcro and duct tape to strap herself to her motorbike as she is paralysed from the chest down and uses only her hands to control her bike!

What kit do you wear? Jan wears a Frank Thomas jacket and Bullit jeans with a beloved pair of Oxford boots. Cath describes her kit as "just normal stuff but god I love my Oxford leggings....bloody hell what a game changer! Like jammies to wear"

If you had to choose one bit of kit to wear, which would it be and why? A helmet (of course!) for Jan. Cath though said "I know I should say helmet.....but I'd wear my hoody bike (armoured) jacket....I bloody hate being cold"

Which are our favourite biking roads? We both like riding in Yorkshire - cos the road surfaces are in such good condition (usually) Oh and we both like riding to Blackpool for a fish 'n' chip run!

Do you have a dream biking destination? For Jan its Norway and for Cath its Africa to see the elephants.

Do you do track days and if so where? No - not yet! Seven Sisters in Wigan have a ladies track night for street bikes race leathers not required.

Who is the most interesting person you have interviewed for your podcast? We just couldn't answer that - they have all been brilliant and interesting in their own way!

If you don't mind me saying it is highly unusual for females of a certain age to take up biking, what would you say to women out there, or even men, thinking about taking the plunge? We ask this question when we interview women bikers - and they have all said the same thing - just get on a bloody bike and do it! And we ALWAYS encourage peeps to go for CBT training...then they can decide if its for them (it always is of course!)

How can people find your podcast? You can find us on Soundcloud right now (but on more apps soon) here!

Thanks for flying the flag for women in an otherwise male dominated environment! Keep up the good work! Our pleasure! Lets keep women supporting our biker sisters everywhere.

You should head to their SoundCloud page to have a listen, they are a relatively new podcast so more will be uploaded soon, including an interview with yours truly! Keep your eyes (or rather ears) peeled for that one!

Until next time, stay safe,