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Top 15 Motorcycle Helmets

21st July 2020

Hello and welcome to Alex's Blog,

Today I thought we'd highlight some helmets to show you – some are bestsellers, some are best value, some are brand new in stock and all are great helmets. It was originally going to be 10 but we couldn't narrow it down to ten so it's the top 15 motorcycle helmets! Here they are in no particular order:

1. VCan V128 Motorcycle Helmet

VCAN V128 Matt Black Motorcycle Helmet

Agressive sports styling on the full-face Vcan V128 makes this helmet extremely aerodynamic at a very reasonable price point. The V128 also has a dark smoke retractable sun visor, comfort lining and easy to use ratchet type chinstrap.

2. Shoei GT Air Motorcycle Helmet

Shoei GT Air Motorcycle Helmet Matt Black

Guaranteed to be of premium quality and high standards, the Shoei GT Air motorcycle helmet is no exception. Made from an AIM organic fibre and multi-composite fibre shell with EPS liner at the same thickness throughout, the Shoei GT Air provides exceptional protection with high levels of comfort from the lightweight shell. Every facet of this helmet is high quality and well thought out for your comfort and protection and at the new low price you can't go wrong!

3. Scorpion EXO 490 Genesis Motorcycle Helmet

Scorpion Exo 490 Genesis black yellow motorcycle helmet

With a 5-year manufacturers warranty the Scorpion Exo 490 Genesis motorcycle helmet has a lot going for it just from that! Made from lightweight advanced polycarbonate with 3 shell sizes this is comfortable and aerodynamic and has removable and washable KwikWick 2 lining and is currently at a reduced price!

4. Scorpion EXO 220 Motorcycle Helmet

Scorpion EXO 220 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet Matt Black

The Scorpion EXO 220 motorcycle helmet may be an open face helmet but it also features a long visor that covers the whole of your face and some to give superior protection from the wind, but also giving you versatility to keep the air flowing in nicer weather. The lining is removable and washable and the EXO 220 has also been wind-tunnel tested for a quieter ride - ideal for an open-face helmet!

5. Schuberth C3 Motorcycle Helmet

Schuberth C3 Flip Front Motorcycle Helmet White

The "world's quietest flip-front motorcycle helmet" is also the world's lightest flip-up helmet thanks to the small shell construction to enhance aerodynamics and keep the weight low for supreme comfort. The Schuberth C3 motorcycle helmet comes with all manner of extra features as well as a 2-year manufacturers warranty! Most importantly this comes with a big discount!

6. Nolan N87 Plein Air N-Com Motorcycle Helmet

Nolan N87 Plein Air N-Com Motorcycle Helmet White Blue Red 50

Another helmet that is on special offer is the Nolan N87 Plein Air N-Com motorcycle helmet. This is prepared for the Nolan N-Com intercom system and has Nolan's Air Booster ventilation technology and this also comes with a Pinlock clear anti-fog insert and a choice of colours.

7. HJC IS-Max 2 Dova Motorcycle Helmet

HJC IS-MAX 2 Dova Red Motorcycle Helmet Flip-Front

Another helmet that has a reduced price is the HJC IS-MAX 2 flip front motorcycle helmet which is also available in a variety of colours and designs to suit everyone. Evolved from the highly-popular HJC IS-Max, the IS-Max 2 has proven to be every bit as popular thanks to the simple, single button catch that is easily operated with one hand even wearing gloves and the drop-down sun visor. This is comfortable as well as lightweight and the price, especially with the discount, means this is an unmissable deal.

8. HJC RPHA 11 Crutchlow Special 1 Replica Motorcycle Helmet

HJC RPHA 11 Crutchlow Special Replica Motorcycle Helmet Fluo

Not only does the HJC RPHA 11 Crutchlow Special 1 Replica motorcycle helmet have nearly £200 off the price, but it also comes with a FREE Cal Crutchlow beanie hat! This is a premium race replica with all the protection and comfort that the great man himself gets from his helmet, this also has a 5 year manufacturers warranty! No wonder its a best seller for us!

9. HJC FG-70S Aries Motorcycle Helmet

HJC FG-70S Aries Yellow Motorcycle Helmet Open Face

Be safe, be seen! And with the HJC FG-70S Aries open face motorcycle helmet you will most definitely be noticed! The eye-catching flame design isn't all this helmet has to offer, this is made from an advanced fibreglass matrix weave shell making this ultra-lightweight and protective and comes with a drop-down sun visor as well as a Silvercool interior plus more!

10. HJC C70 Valon Motorcycle Helmet

HJC C70 Valon Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Black Grey

Another helmet with a big discount is the HJC C70 motorcycle helmet - available in a vast range of colours and designs. The C70 is a full face motorcycle helmet with an ultra-lightweight polycarbonate shell with a large visor cut-out for optimal vision as well as HJC's Advanced Channelling Ventilation System (ACS) for superior, and personalised, comfort whilst riding.

11. Frank Thomas DV-06 Motorcycle Helmet

Frank Thomas DV06 Flip Front Motorcycle Helmet Plain White

One of our best selling motorcycle helmets, the Frank Thomas DV-06 flip-front helmet is, once again, reduced in price and is a great budget helmet that is packed with features - unusual for the price! This is another helmet that is available in a range of colours and designs and also comes with a internal drop-down sun visor.

12. Frank Thomas FT36 Motorcycle Helmet

Frank Thomas FT36 Motorcycle Helmet Matt Black

The Frank Thomas FT36 full face motorcycle helmet is also a budget motorcycle helmet but one of our best selling styles EVER. For less than £50 you get an ultra-lightweight helmet with a removable and washable inner lining with a ventilation system and a choice of colours.

13. Bell Eliminator Outlaw Motorcycle Helmet

Bell Eliminator Outlaw Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Black White

At HALF the price of the original RRP, the Bell Eliminator Outlaw motorcycle helmet is proving to be a best seller this year because you get a lot of helmet for your money! This is made from fibreglass composite with recessed EPS speaker pockets, clear ProVision anti-fog visor with class 1 optics and a full ventilation system as well as fantastic aesthetics.

14. Arai Axces III Line Motorcycle Helmet

Arai Axces III Line Motorcycle Helmet Black

No motorcycle helmet chart could be complete without an Arai on the countdown! Proven to be one of the best brands in the world, the Arai Axces III motorcycle helmet doesn't disappoint. Made from the latest Super Fibre outer shell this is ultra-lightweight with a rounder, smoother yet stronger shape and also features a SuperAdSis Lever Release System to make visor changes easy and extremely quick. Available in a choice of colours the designs (including plain) the Axces III is proving to be a very popular helmet just like it's predecessors (the Axces II and Axces I).

15. AGV K3 SV Misano 2014 Motorcycle Helmet

AGV K3-SV Misano 2014 Valentino Rossi motorcycle helmet Replica

Equally as important in a motorcycle helmet countdown is an AGV Valentino Rossi replica motorcycle helmet. The AGV K3-SV Misano 2014 motorcycle helmet features the 2014 Misano handprints design and is packed full of features such as an internal sun-visor, anti-fog Pinlock insert and removable and washable interior. A fantastic helmet with £50 off!

Until next time, stay safe,