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Win £2000 Worth Of Kit

3rd April 2019

Win £2000 worth of kit
Win £2000 worth of kit

Hello and welcome to Alex's Blog,

How would you spend £2,000 in one of our 30 stores nationwide?

Would you get yourself kitted out in the latest sports leathers? Would you treat yourself to a trick new helmet? Would you be generous and share some with your friends? Would you get yourself some posh luggage? Some completely waterproof Gore-Tex kit? Keep pondering as you may get the chance to find out!

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One lucky winner, yes ONE WINNER, will get £2000 worth of kit. Do you want that winner to be you? ALL you have to do is subscribe to our newsletter. That is it. If you are already subscribed then you are already entered so just stay subscribed for your chance to win!

You also get to find out about all our new offers, new items coming in and J&S exclusive items by receiving our e-mail so really it is a win, win! You can sign up on our website, or you can even sign up in store!

Win 2K POS

For the terms and conditions click here. In the meantime you should maybe make a plan on what you would spend the £2K on. You have until the end of July to enter. Good luck!

Until next time, stay safe,