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Yamaha RD250F Restoration Finished

3rd August 2016

Yamaha RD250 the finished product

Hello and welcome to Alex's Blog. This week........drum roll.... is the final part of Adrian's Restoration Project!

Last time Adrian wrote - a few weeks back now - about how the bodywork was away being sprayed.

"Sorry it has been so long since my last blog but Alex at Axcel Airbrushing is so busy as his work is so good there was a bit of a wait but it was definitely worth it! Its all back and looking great:

Yamaha RD250 Finished Tank and Panels in daylight Yamaha RD250 Finished Tank and Panels

I've included two photos so you can see the paintwork in different lights.

As you can imagine I had waited so long it was holding up the final part of the restoration and I couldn't wait to get my teeth back in to it. It was a late night when the body work came back and I decided to start on it there and then. As you all know it takes time to get these things right. Everything was put back together with great care. I wore gloves and used bits of blanket to make sure that everything was handled gently and never got scratched. The last thing I wanted, having waited for so long, was to rush the job and mess it all up! Bit by bit the panels went back on. The first job was the rear seat unit followed by the side seat strips. Although it took time they were relatively easy as they lined up perfectly - as if they have come straight from the factory.

Already the bike was starting to look as it did 34 years ago. Next was the 2 stroke oil tank. The oil feed pipe had to be connected, followed by the oil breather pipe on the top, then the dip stick and the low oil warning sensor. This sounds easy but it just took a lot of time. The following side panel popped straight on and then it was time for the piece de resistance - the tank! The fuel filler went on, then the tap, the front rubber bush mounts and on the tank went. I connected the fuel lines and then gently poured in it's first lot of fuel in over thirty years. I couldn't wait to start it back up. However, with time ticking on and me having neighbours who I'd like to carry on being friends with, I had to wait until the following evening to start it up.

I was like a kid in a candy shop all night and all day waiting until I got home from work to start her up. And start it did! First kick! The sound and smell of the 2 stroke engine was out of this world. It took me straight back to my youth at Oulton Park.

Here, below, is a picture of the finished product. Blood, sweat and tears (plus a lot of paint) has gone in to this beauty and its been worth every minute."

Yamaha RD250 the finished product

If any of you would like to see Adrian's handiwork in the flesh you now can! We are holding a bike event on Sunday August 21st (until 9 PM) with prizes for the 6 best bikes on show at our J&S Accessories Oakmere store. This will be going on all day and Adrian will be bringing his RD250 as a special treat for you all! Details are below and are available instore.

Ben.Z.S bike day and night at J&S Accessories Oakmere store

Until next time, stay safe!