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In 1954 Eitaro Kamata founded a company called Kamata Polyester Co. in Tokyo to manufacture safety helmets for the construction industry.

Five years later the company changed its name to Shoei Kako Co., Ltd. and expanded their range to produce multi-purpose safety helmets.

The success of the company meant they moved to a larger factory in 1960 and started to manufacture motorcycle helmets exclusively for professional racers.

The exceptional standard of construction of these motorcycle helmets was soon noticed by the motorcycling public.

New models were introduced for road riders and in 1962 Shoei helmets were awarded the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) certification.

Such was the quality of Shoei's motorcycle helmets that in 1965 the Honda Motor Co. approached the company to manufacture their official Honda Motorcycle Helmets, massively increasing Shoei's profile and popularity.

Shoei built their Ibaraki factory in 1969 and twenty years later opened a second factory in Iwate; both factories were damaged in the massive earthquake of 2011 and needed extensive repairs.

Ever since the company was founded, all Shoei motorcycle helmets have been designed and manufactured in these two factories, by a dedicated team who take pride in ensuring that every single helmet is made to the highest possible standard.

The manufacturing process at Shoei is amazingly personal, each helmet is handmade, and starts its life being marked by the member of staff who is responsible for it; this ownership and accountability means that a faulty helmet is practically unheard of.

Shoei only make motorcycle helmets, founder Eitaro Kamata set out from the very beginning to concentrate on developing one product and to make sure that this was exceptional.

The brand name is Shoei - Premium Helmets for a reason.

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