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16th February 2021

AGV K1 VR46 Sky Racing Team
VR46 Sky Racing Team

AGV provide helmets for some of the greatest motorcycle racers in the world. The K1 is one of their mid-price helmets - let's see if its any good:

AGV K1 Gothic 46
Gothic 46


The AGV K1 helmet is an aerodynamic ultra-lightweight helmet made from thermoplastic resin with two outer shell sizes for a perfect fit and better aerodynamics. It has shock-absorbing EPS inner shells with 3 sizes and 4 densities and is designed to reduce the collarbone forces. The Double D closure system is ultra-secure. The K1 is ECER2205 certified with ACU Gold approval for use on road and track.

AGV K1 Winter Test 2015
Winter Test 2015


AGV provide helmets to the worlds best racers. Due to this, they can use these designs on cheaper helmet shells meaning you can get a race replica at a fraction of the premium shell price. Possibly the strongest advantage the K1 offers is the sheer range of colourways! Valentino Rossi, Guy Martin and a whole host of different colours as well as plain paintwork. The shell is aggressively styled for optimum aerodynamics for minimum forces of impact on the collarbone in an accident. The ventilation system also features exhaust vents with a sleek spoiler too.

AGV K1 Warm Up Black Pink
Warm Up Black Pink


This has a full ventilation system with a spoiler with exhaust fans and optimal cooling inside - fully personalisable for optimum comfort. The lining is without stitching on the most sensitive areas and is sanitised with 2Dry and Microsense for excellent absorption of moisture, and the lining is also removable and washable. The K1 also has added side panels which are grooved for glasses wearers, and this has a double D closure system for added safety. The ultra-lightweight shell always gives a comfortable ride and reduces neck fatigue.

AGV K1 Soleluna 2017
Soleluna 2017


The fact that the K1 is designed in such a way to reduce the forces of impact on the collarbone is a convenient feature. The ventilation system can be fully personalised to your own specification while the lining is fully removable and washable. The lining is also sanitised with 2Dry and Microsense. AGV's XQRS (X-tra Quick Release System) means replacing the visor without tools easily and very quickly for added convenience. 

AGV K1 Rossi Mugello 2015
Rossi Mugello 2015


The fit of the K1 is quite snug, great if you like that, but not if you don't. The replacement visors are quite expensive. Yes, they are of great quality and anti-scratch and Pinlock, prepared, but pricey nevertheless. The Pinlock insert is not included. Also, the AGV K1 does not feature a drop-down sun visor. This keeps it ultra-lightweight, but if you prefer a drop-down visor, you'll be disappointed. The recesses in the lining for communication systems aren't extremely spacious - but they do work. Polycarbonate isn't the most premium of shells - but at thet price, you wouldn't expect full fibreglass.

AGV K1 Power Blue
Power Blue


AGV K1 Guy Martin
Guy Martin


The main advantage of the K1 is the fact it is available in so many different designs and colourways - especially official race replicas. Valentino Rossi designs alone make up a huge percentage of the available designs. The K1 means you can afford an official race replica, or even a few if you're a real enthusiast, for a fraction of the price of the actual models he races in. Yes, the K1 isn't the most luxurious of helmets, but its a good helmet. It's fantastic for track days and road riding and is lightweight with great aerodynamics. It looks the part for a fantastic price.

AGV K1 Mir

Until next time, stay safe,