Price Match Policy

We won't be beaten on price – we'll match the prices of local and online competitors.*

We pride ourselves on our competitive prices as we want you to have the best deals from the biggest brands in motorcycle clothing, helmets, boots, gloves and accessories.

Here at J&S Accessories we promise to match the price you'd pay against any other motorcycle clothing retailer including:

  • Get Geared

  • Ghostbikes

  • Helmet City

  • Infinity Motorcycles

  • M&P Motorcycles

  • Megamotorcyclestore

  • Motocentral

  • Onyerbike

  • RaceLeathers

  • Sportsbikeshop

both online and in-store.

What qualifies for the J&S Accessories Price Match.

To be eligible for the J&S Accessories Price Match a product must be:

  • Brand new and like-for-like ie. the same brand, colour, and size.

  • In-stock and immediately available for delivery by the competing retailer.

  • From an authorised UK retailer and not a private seller.

  • Able to be easily verified.

What doesn't qualify for the J&S Accessories Price Match.

  • Finance offers, or where the products are being purchased on finance.

  • The Price Match is only available prior to purchase, it is not available after the product has been bought.

  • Price Match cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount codes, or promotional offers.

How you get the J&S Accessories Price Match.

You can get the J&S Accessories Price Match in any store, or by getting in touch via our customer services page.

All you need to supply is a copy of our competitor's advertisement or the details of their website where the product is shown so we can verify the products details, price and availability.

Please note: Outside of our usual shop hours: Mon-Fri 9:00 - 18:00, Sat 9:00 - 17:30 and Sun 10:00 - 16:00, we will contact you the next day.

*All Price Match transactions are at the discretion of J&S Accessories and we reserve the right to decline any Price Match.

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