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7th January 2021

Are you looking for something to keep you occupied/amused in your free time? Well, why not subscribe to our YouTube channel?

Why subscribe?

Well, why not? What do you have to lose? Not only do we have a vast back catalogue of videos but we upload new videos frequently with something for everyone.


All our content isn't the same. We try to film plenty of up to date product reviews so you can learn about new kit, but we also have rider interviews, how-to guides, buying guides, demonstration videos, experiments, track day experiences, DAS and learner videos, cleaning videos, used motorcycle videos, new videos, shop tours, events such as bike nights, charity dos, unboxing of bikes etc. There really is something for every point of interest - as long as you're interested in motorbikes!


We have plenty of informative YouTube videos, filmed by bikers, for bikers. For example the video below on how to clean your Pinlock. It may seem very obvious, but you may want to just check you are doing it the right way. We want to be as inclusive to all bikers - from brand new to the most experienced so try to include as many informative videos from the basics to more tricky situations. If you have anything you'd like us to answer/film then please let us know!


As you can probably tell from our "presenters" we are not professional presenters. (I know! shocking!) We work in the stores and have a vast wealth of experience working in the motorcycle industry as well as 99% of the content being filmed by extensively experienced bikers. As we aren't media professionals, we also don't have all the professional set-up that you get in tv studios - which can mean the audio in outside settings can be affected by the elements etc, but what you do get is an authentic look behind the paddocks/behind the visor/at a DAS lesson etc. The DAS lesson below is our graphic designer Steve The Dream (TM) having a genuine lesson with RJH Motorbike Training based at our Oakmere site. Our track day videos are genuine track days of our employees in their free time.


Because of our wealth of experience not only selling motorcycles, clothing and accessories but riding and using all these items, you will find lots of great tips and information in our videos. New product features etc. Information from interviews with riders/suppliers etc. Its all here!


Despite our lack of professional media training we strive to keep our content as entertaining as possible. We think we succeed. The sheer variety will mean there will be something to catch your interest, plus we have some funny videos as well as interviews with famous riders and with up and coming talent!


So what are you waiting for? Subscribe and go and have an explore of our YouTube channel! If you have any suggestions then please let us know - we are always looking for new ideas and where better to get these ideas than the biking community? Our videos are definitely collaborative so please send your ideas our way!

Until next time, stay safe,