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27th November 2023

Alex Sheeran

Motorbike Glove Buying Guide

Whether you are a seasoned motorbike rider or a beginner, choosing the right motorcycle gloves is essential for ensuring both comfort and safety on the road. While most riders will swap gloves depending on the season and have specific gloves for the summer and some for the winter our guide aims to answer the most common questions when it comes to choosing the perfect gloves.

With a wide range of options available, it can be overwhelming to navigate through the various features, materials, and styles. From understanding the importance of protective features such as overall impact protection to considering the right fit and style, we will explore all the key factors that should influence your buying decision. So, let's delve into the world of motorcycle gloves and equip you with the expertise to find the perfect pair for your riding adventures.

Motorbike Glove Considerations

When shopping for motorbike gloves, safety and impact protection should be at the top of your list. It's vital to choose gloves crafted from robust materials like leather or high-grade synthetics, specifically designed with reinforced areas to offer enhanced impact protection. 

Look for gloves equipped with extra padding and armour, particularly around the knuckles and palms, to ensure maximum protection for your hands and fingers in the event of an accident. 

Alongside impact safety, consider the climate you'll be riding in. For chilly rides, select gloves that boast insulating layers and windproof capabilities for warmth. In contrast, in warmer, more humid conditions, opt for gloves featuring breathable fabrics and ventilation to keep your hands cool and prevent discomfort from sweating or you might consider short cuff gloves. Comfort and fit are also crucial – your gloves should fit snugly but comfortably, allowing full dexterity and control when you're on the bike. Too tight and they won’t do their job properly. By focusing on these aspects, especially the emphasis on impact protection, you'll be well-equipped to choose motorbike gloves that not only suit your riding conditions but also prioritise your safety and comfort.

Glove Safety

Glove safety is a critical aspect of ensuring workplace safety and protecting individuals from potential hazards.  Choosing the right motorbike gloves is crucial particularly when it comes to impact protection.  If you're involved in a road accident the likelihood is that your hands will take the majority of the impact.

Since April 2018 almost all motorcycle gloves are now consdered to be Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which now means that all new motorbike gloves are required by law to pass a CE safety test. Almost all of the current J&S Accessories Ltd motorbike glove range come with UK standard CE label inside.

Glove Materials

When it comes to riding motorcycles, safety should always be a top priority. One crucial aspect of ensuring rider safety is selecting the right material depending on the type of motorbike riding you will be doing. Motorcycle gloves not only provide protection but also enhance grip and comfort during rides. Understanding the different materials used in the construction of motorbike gloves is essential for making an informed decision. 

Whether you are a seasoned rider or a novice, this guide will equip you with the knowledge needed to choose the perfect pair of motorbike gloves for your riding adventures. So, let's delve into the world of motorbike glove materials and discover the best options available to keep your hands safe and comfortable on the road from leather gloves to short cuff summer gloves

Gore-Tex Gloves

Looking for the ultimate buddy for your hands on those wet and wild rides? Check out Gore-Tex motorcycle gloves! These bad boys are the real deal for keeping your paws dry, thanks to their top-notch waterproof technology. Perfect for British weather, eh? But they're not just about staying dry; they're breathable too, so no more clammy hands. A must-have for any rider who doesn't let a bit of rain ruin a good ride. Just pop 'Gore-Tex motorcycle gloves' into your search and wave goodbye to soggy fingers!

Armoured Gloves

Fancy a bit of extra protection while you're zipping around? Armoured motorcycle gloves are your go-to. These gloves come with reinforced bits (usually on the knuckles, palms and fingers) to keep your hands safe and sound. Ideal for those who like a bit of extra peace of mind when they're out and about on their bike. Give 'armoured motorcycle gloves' a quick search, these gloves offer solid knuckle protection and can be ideal for the winter months. 

Hipora Gloves

Hipora motorcycle gloves are a bit of a hidden gem. They're like the secret agent of gloves – sleek, smart, and seriously waterproof. Hipora is a thin, breathable membrane that keeps water out but lets your hands breathe. So, if you're after gloves that keep you dry without turning your hands into a sauna, these are your guys. 

TPU Gloves

TPU gloves are all about bringing that extra bit of toughness to your ride. TPU stands for Thermoplastic Polyurethane – a fancy way of saying these gloves are durable and can take a bit of a beating. Great for those who like their rides a bit more on the adventurous side. They're also pretty good at keeping your hands safe. A search for 'TPU motorcycle gloves' will lead you to some seriously sturdy options.

Leather Gloves

Leather motorcycle gloves are the classic choice. They're like the James Bond of bike gloves – timeless, stylish, and always a good idea. Apart from looking cool, they're great for protection and getting better with age. They mould to your hands over time, giving you that perfect fit. Want to up your style game on the bike? Just search 'leather motorcycle gloves' and get ready to ooze coolness.

Textile Gloves

Textile motorcycle gloves are the versatile all-rounders. They're usually made from materials like nylon or polyester, which means they're lightweight and comfortable. Great for those who value flexibility and ease of movement. Plus, they often come with handy features like waterproofing or thermal lining. For a glove that adapts to different riding conditions, just look up 'textile motorcycle gloves' and find your perfect match.

Motorbike Glove Sizes

Motorbike glove sizes refer to the various measurements used to determine the appropriate fit of gloves for motorcyclists. These sizes are crucial in ensuring optimal comfort, protection, and control while riding. A formal tone is necessary when discussing motorbike glove sizes as it conveys a sense of professionalism and expertise in the subject matter. 

By understanding and accurately measuring one's hand size, motorcyclists can select gloves that provide a snug and secure fit, allowing for enhanced grip and maneuverability on the road. Additionally, proper sizing ensures that the gloves offer adequate protection to the hands in the event of an accident or impact. Therefore, it is essential for riders to familiarise themselves with the sizing charts provided by manufacturers and consult experts if needed to ensure the best possible fit for their motorbike gloves.

Riding Styles

When you're in the market for a new pair of motorbike gloves, getting to grips with your riding style is key. Why? Because your gloves aren't just a fashion statement – they're a crucial piece of kit that keeps your hands safe and comfortable, mile after mile. Different riding styles call for different features. If you're a speed demon on the racetrack, you'll need gloves with top-notch protection and grip. Touring riders? Look for comfort and weather-resistance for those long hauls. Off-roading? Flexibility and breathability are your best mates. And for city slickers, something lightweight and practical will do the trick. In short, understanding your riding style helps you pick gloves that won't just fit your hands, but also your riding needs – making every journey, whether it's a quick spin or a cross-country adventure, a better experience. So, before you splash out on a new pair, take a moment to think about how and where you ride – your hands will thank you for it!

How to Size Motorcycle Gloves

Measure your hand width: Use a flexible measuring tape to measure the width of your dominant hand just below the knuckles.

Refer to the sizing chart: Each motorcycle glove brand may have its own sizing chart. Consult the brand's sizing chart to determine the appropriate glove size based on your hand width measurement.

Consider the fit: Motorcycle gloves should fit snugly but not too tight. They should allow for comfortable movement of your fingers and provide a good grip on the handlebars.

Check for finger length: Ensure that the glove fingers are not too long or too short. The fingertips should reach the end of your fingers without excessive bunching or discomfort.

Try them on: If possible, try on the gloves before purchasing to ensure the fit is correct. This will help you determine if the gloves are comfortable and provide the necessary protection.

Consider the type of riding: Different types of riding may require different glove features. For example, if you ride in colder weather, you may need gloves with insulation or waterproofing.

Read customer reviews: Before making a final decision, read customer reviews to get an idea of how well the gloves fit and perform for others with similar hand sizes.

Consult with a professional: If you are unsure about sizing or need further assistance, consider visiting a motorcycle gear store and consult with a professional who can help you find the right size and style of gloves for your needs.

Glove Brands


Akito, renowned for its commitment to motorcycling safety and performance, offers a range of gloves that blend style with functionality. Their products are known for their durability and comfort, catering to bikers who demand both quality and affordability.


Alpinestars stands at the forefront of motorcycling gear innovation. Globally recognised, their gloves are synonymous with high-quality materials, cutting-edge technology, and a deep commitment to rider protection and performance.


Bering, a brand steeped in a passion for motorbiking, crafts gloves that perfectly balance safety and comfort. Their range is distinguished by its stylish designs and the use of advanced materials, making them a favourite among riders.


BKS, a British motorcycling gear brand, is celebrated for its bespoke, handcrafted gloves. They bring a unique blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, ensuring both safety and a personalised touch in their products.


Dainese, an Italian legacy in motorcycling gear, is renowned for its innovative and stylish gloves. Their products are a fusion of elegance, safety, and comfort, making Dainese a go-to brand for riders seeking premium quality.


Five specialises in motorcycle gloves and is committed to providing the highest level of protection and performance. Their gloves are designed with a keen attention to detail and ergonomics, making them a popular choice among professional riders.

Frank Thomas

Frank Thomas has established itself as a reliable brand in motorcycle apparel, offering gloves that are both protective and comfortable. Their products are known for their practical designs and accessibility, appealing to a wide range of riders.

Fox Racing

Fox Racing is a globally recognised brand, particularly favoured in the off-road biking community. Their gloves are designed for maximum durability and agility, perfect for riders who seek adventure and demand high performance.


Furygan, with its rich heritage in motorcycle gear, offers gloves that are a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation. Their focus on safety and style makes them a preferred choice for discerning riders.


IXS is a brand that prides itself on high-quality motorcycle gear, including gloves that offer a perfect mix of safety, comfort, and style. Their products cater to all types of riders, ensuring a superior riding experience.


Nitro provides an array of motorcycle gloves that are both affordable and reliable. Known for their durability and comfort, Nitro gloves are an excellent choice for riders seeking quality on a budget.

Oxford Products

Oxford Products is a brand synonymous with motorcycling excellence in the UK. Their gloves are designed with a focus on innovation, safety, and comfort, catering to the needs of every motorcyclist.


Richa offers a range of motorcycle gloves known for their exceptional quality and stylish designs. Combining modern technology with rider comfort, Richa gloves are a great choice for those seeking both performance and aesthetics.


RST is well-regarded for providing high-quality motorcycling gear at accessible prices. Their gloves are designed with an emphasis on safety and comfort, making them popular among a wide array of riders.


Renowned for its steadfast commitment to quality and performance, Rukka is a Finnish brand that has been at the forefront of advanced motorbike apparel since 1950. Specialising in high-end motorcycle gloves, Rukka integrates cutting-edge technologies with premium materials to ensure maximum protection and comfort for riders. 

Motorcycle Glove FAQs

Welcome to our Motorcycle Glove FAQs! This compact guide is designed to help riders, new and experienced, understand the essentials of selecting the right gloves. Here, you'll find answers to key questions about material, fit, and features crucial for comfort and safety. Our aim is to assist you in making an informed choice, enhancing your riding experience with the perfect pair of gloves. Get ready for a safer, more enjoyable journey on the road!

What to look for when buying motorcycle gloves?

When you're on the hunt for motorcycle gloves, you want to keep an eye out for a few key things. First off, comfort is king – you don't want gloves that feel like you're wearing cardboard. Look for good fit, flexibility, and breathability. Protection is another biggie. Make sure they’ve got enough padding and are made from tough stuff like leather or advanced synthetic materials. And don't forget about grip and weather-appropriateness – no one likes slippery hands or frozen fingers when they're trying to enjoy a ride!

What is the difference between Level 1 and Level 2 motorcycle gloves?

This one's all about protection levels. Level 1 gloves are your basic armour; they're good for lower-risk rides. Level 2 steps it up a notch with better impact absorption – think of them as your heavy-duty guards for more intense riding conditions.

How do I know what size motorcycle gloves I need?

The best bet is to measure your hand. Put a tape measure across the widest part of your hand (excluding the thumb), and compare it to the glove's sizing chart. Remember, you want them snug but not too tight – like a firm handshake, not a vice grip.

What type of motorcycle gloves are best?

That's a bit like asking what the best cuppa is – it depends on your taste, mate! For racing, you want short-cuff, sturdy gloves. Touring? Look for comfort and weather protection. Off-road? Go for flexibility and breathability. It’s all about what suits your style and needs.

How Do Weather Conditions Affect the Choice of Motorcycle Gloves?

Heated Motorbike Gloves
Heated Motorbike Gloves

Weather plays a huge role. In the summer, you'll want lighter, breathable gloves – nobody likes sweaty palms. Winter? Look for insulation and waterproofing to keep your digits toasty and dry and for those colder riders consdier heated gloves. And for those in-between days, a pair of waterproof gloves with moderate insulation works wonders.

What Safety Features Should I Look for in Motorcycle Gloves?

Safety-wise, check for reinforcements in high-impact areas like the knuckles and palms. Abrasion-resistant materials are a must. Also, a good wrist closure system keeps the gloves firmly in place. Some gloves come with touchscreen compatibility – handy for navigation without needing to take them off.

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