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1st February 2023

Alex Sheeran

What is a Pinlock?

Gone are the days of the old wives' tales of what you do to de-mist your visor. Don't get me wrong, there is still a place for Bob Heath spray and Nikwax Visor Proof - especially for beading rain on the outside of your visor - but Pinlocks have changed the visor game completely.

What is a Pinlock?

A Pinlock is a visor insert (a Pinlock visor insert) that is made out of a material containing moisture-absorbing properties, which reacts like a sponge and absorbs moisture effectively, clearing your vision for safer riding. The inner part of the Pinlock insert is lined with a silicone bead, which creates a double-glazed window effect when the Pinlock visor insert is attached to the helmet visor. The pocket of air trapped between the visors acts as an insulator for the inside temperatures in the motorcycle helmet. With efficient absorption properties combined with the double-glazed-like feature, the Pinlock visor insert is the most effective, durable and affordable anti-fog solution on the market.


Pinlock inserts are incredibly easy to change and, most likely because of this, are available in various tints. Plus, as each insert is ultra-lightweight and easy to transport, you do not have to stick to one tint all the time; they give you the versatility to choose without breaking the bank!

As Pinlocks are easily-removable too, they solve the legal difficulty of removing a dark visor for night riding and swapping to a clear visor - just simply remove the insert from your pre-existing visor to change back to a clear insert if you are using a dark tint. Done!

Pinlock visor inserts are diversified into three performance-level variants, Pinlock 30, 70 and 120. The numbers are used to indicate the levels of fog-free clearance that the lenses provide.

There is also the option for a 100% Maxvision Pinlock visor insert for a broader and edge-to-edge anti-fog coverage on helmet visors.


Pinlock collaborates with helmet brands to manufacture helmet-specific inserts for the perfect fit for your visor - while the visor on the helmets are "Pinlock-ready", which effectively means they feature Pinlock Pins. The Pinlock Pins integrated into Pinlock-ready visors are designed to be eccentric, allowing riders to adjust the tension of their Pinlock insert lenses, increasing the grip of the silicone seal on the Pinlock visor to the helmet visor.

Varieties of Pins

Push Pin

The default pin system can be found on most Pinlock-ready helmets on the market. The Pinlock Push pins hold the Pinlock insert lens to the helmet face shield keeping it secure. The Pinlock pins are designed to be eccentric, allowing riders to adjust the tension of their Pinlock insert lenses. Push pins will fit all 5mm visor holes for the standard Pinlock inserts.

Three-Component Pin

The Pinlock three-component pin is an expanded version of the Push Pin system. The three-component pin system comes with an integrated screw system that provides extra grip for the Pinlock insert lens and makes it easier for riders to adjust the tension balance of the Pinlock insert lens. In addition, the three-component pin will fit all 5mm visor holes for the standard Pinlock inserts.

Tear-Off Pin

Made to support track riders using tear-off strips and Pinlock insert lenses. The Pinlock Tear Off Pins function as a 2-in-one system that accommodates tear-off strips on the outside and keeps the Pinlock insert lens secure inside the helmet face shield. Just like the Three-Component Pin system, the tension of the Pinlock insert lens can be adjusted by turning the screw on the outer part of the Tear-Off Pin. In addition, the Pinlock Tear-Off pins will fit all existing visors with the installed Tear-Off & Pinlock pin combination.


Older helmets and visors do not have Pinlock insert options - yet all helmets, once in use, should be replaced within five years to ensure safety on the road. Not all helmets do come with Pinlock-ready visors, nor the option, but this is something that we here at J&S Accessories Ltd can help with at our stores nationwide .

As Pinlock Pins are small, this can cause an issue with having to deal with the additional part attached to your visor. There is also the potential, at times, for slight fuzziness due to the way the insert seals onto the visor - but way less fuzzy than it would be without the insert!! Installation can be tricky if you do not know what you are doing, but like anything, with practice becomes second nature - plus, you can go into any J&S Accessories Ltd store. Our trained staff are more than happy to show you how to install and swap a Pinlock Insert.

The other disadvantage is you may not need your visor bag anymore, as you will not need to carry around your spare clear visor for legal purposes!

Until next time, stay safe,


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