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23rd August 2023

Alex Sheeran

Shoei Neotec 3

Shoei Neotec 3

The highly anticipated follow-up from the extremely popular Neotec 2 - the Shoei Neotec 3 is finally here! 

Based on the best-selling Neotec and Neotec 2 but with improvements, the Neotec 3 offers a plethora of great features such as P/J Homologation, ECE R22/06 standard and offers the basic functions inherited from the Neotec series improved: A centre locking mechanism that improves the visor's contact and prevents wind from entering. Newly designed cheek pads, a new micro ratchet fastening and a new improved mounting system for the communication system with compact base parts on both sides of the shell for enhanced integration and versatility. 

Shoei Neotec 3 Matt Black
Shoei Neotec 3 Matt Black

So, what does this highly anticipated helmet have to offer?


Like its predecessors, the Neotec 3 features a shell shape with a step on the forehead to easily accommodate the internal sun visor system. The Neotec 3 looks excellent from all sides, with a sporty side view, a shell-integrated rear spoiler and a lower ridge around the neck. The lines between the shell, the face cover and the visor are smooth and seamless. Black vents give a three-dimensional presence. 

Shoei Neotec 3 White
Shoei Neotec 3 White


The Neotec 3 features newly designed cheek pads extended to the back of the head to closely fit the rider's neck for superior comfort and fit. A noise isolator covers the gap around the chin strap to prevent wind from entering from the bottom of the helmet for an even quieter and more comfortable ride. The inner lining is ultra-soft to the touch with high absorption and quick-drying fabric to prevent sweating and ensure higher levels of comfort - even on longer journeys!

Sun Visor

The Neotec 3 boasts the Shoei QSV-2 sun visor - which is 5mm longer than the QSV-1  for greater coverage against sun glare. It offers quality comparable to the European sunglasses standard EN1836 with high optical qualities and little distortion. The sun visor mechanism is ultra-smooth yet durable, with a stopper function with a click at the fully open position, preventing it from dropping. It is also ultra-simple to use whilst wearing gloves. 

Shoei Neotec 3 Grasp TC-10
Shoei Neotec 3 Grasp TC-10

Face Cover

Being a flip-front helmet, the face cover is integral to the Neotec 3. On the Neotec, Shoei adopted a mechanism that makes the movable axis eccentric with an unlock button that is easy to operate even when wearing the thickest of Winter gloves! Just like the Neotec II, the Neotec 3 is double P/J homologated - it stays in the locked position. 

Shoei Neotec 3 Anthracite Metallic
Shoei Neotec 3 Anthracite Metallic


The Neotec 3 comes equipped with a CNS-3C clear visor with a centre-locking mechanism - designed exclusively for flip-front helmets. The CNS-3 is shaped with both upper ends bent towards the shell for greater unity and cohesion, preventing water and wind from entering the shell. The centre locking mechanism keeps the visor opening smooth with window beading for airtight sealing. It comes equipped with a clear Pinlock insert for even clearer vision!


The Shoei Neotec 3 features an even more sophisticated ventilation system than its predecessors. The lower air intake system offers two resealable intake vents with a filter to prevent bugs from entering the helmet. 

The upper air intake features a step with the shell and base parts and is simple to operate even with Winter gloves. The vents lead to air channels inside the helmet.

The top-air outlet has two exhausts for optimal air circulation and efficient ventilation.

Shoei Neotec 3 Grasp TC-5
Shoei Neotec 3 Grasp TC-5


Another area in which the Neotec 3 is improved is its quietness. In addition to a noise isolator reducing wind entry (and therefore noise), the Neotec 3's newly designed cheek pads offer extra volume at the bottom to minimise the gap around the neck and extended back of the head to improve contact with the neck and prevent wind from entering for superior comfort, and also superior levels of quietness.

As the visor is ultra-close with a window bead for an airtight fit, this prevents wind from entering the visor opening. Shoei has incorporated parts at the side of the shell and visor to avoid air turbulence and improve the noise quality. The internal structure of the internal sun visor mechanism has been reviewed and moved from the rider's ear for maximum quietness. 

Shoei Neotec 3 Matte Blue
Shoei Neotec 3 Matte Blue


A micro ratchet closure system is ultra-secure and durable. It is adjustable and easy to operate while wearing gloves. This is a newly developed micro ratchet that is more compact. Made from highly durable stainless steel, it locks when two claws are tightened and can be released only by raising the level to a specific angle or more. The newly developed micro ratchet is made from high-strength, high-elasticity, and high-performance fibre knitted together in the newly downsized strap for an improved fit while keeping security despite downsizing. 

Communication Integration

The mounting of the communication system on the Neotec 3 is ultra-compact - more than ever before - and, as such, features a greater unity with the helmet shell. Each part has a cover, and it does not affect the aesthetic, shape or aerodynamics of the Neotec3. The base parts located on both sides of the shell reduce the vertical height, reducing wind noise. 

Just like the Neotec II, the units can be installed on both sides of the shell, and a battery in the space provided between the shell and liner at the back of the head. This made it easier to remove and fix the cover for the base parts and is designed so the charging port for the battery is placed on the back of the head so this can be charged while the helmet is on a flat surface. A new communication system specifically for the Neotec 3 is being developed by SENA following the SRL series.

Shoei Neotec 3 Grasp TC-5 Rear
Shoei Neotec 3 Grasp TC-5 Rear


The impact-absorbing liner is separated into the main (top and main liners) side and the cheek. It utilises various densities for the most efficient impact-absorbing performance and offers superior comfort.


As you would expect from Shoei, the Neotec3 features the premium AIM shell (Advanced Integrated Matrix), which offers a high performance yet is ultra-lightweight and superior in rigidity and elasticity based on a complex structure of strong glass fibres and organic fibres. I.e., it's ultra-strong and ultra-safe. It adheres to ECER 22:06 safety standards and is super-lightweight for outstanding comfort without compromising on protection. 


The Shoei Neotec 3 is OUT NOW and is available in our stores and online.

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